Celebrate The Housewife Who Excels At The Tasks Everyday

A housewife is methodical, organized, diligent, and highly skilled. Not only that, but she is a woman working 24/7 at home.

We celebrate and embrace the working woman who is toiling hard at the office. Whenever there is a special occasion, we ask these women to come forward, and we say what a difficult life they have balancing home and office.

The housewife looks and admires these women and then looks at her hands. They are rough and have cracks forming on them after scrubbing the dishes, tiles, floors etc. The coarse cleaning sponge has printed its marks on the delicate and soft and firm hands of the housewife.

She was once a young and chirpy child who sat on the swing and lifted her legs high up in the air as the swing rose.

Today, she is concerned about the dishes being washed. Her legs no longer soar up in the air. They need to stand firmly on the ground as she supports her family without getting any financial benefits or words of affirmation from them.

When the provider gloats!

The husband will give her the monthly money to run the family and will say he is providing her a roof under which she can stay for free. He shows that he is doing a massive favour to the woman— by marrying her.

He easily ignores and gladly forgets that every morning she gets up, without a fail every day, to cook, clean and care for him and the family.

She cannot sleep in late when the child has fever at night or is coughing incessantly. The tea needs to be made. The milk needs to be boiled. The tiffins need to be made.

The house-help may or may not come, and then the woman has to do all the housework — sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, washing and drying clothes, dusting, watering the plants, folding the clothes, making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking numerous dishes as per each family member’s choices. The list is never ending.

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A housewife has no holiday.

A housewife has no pauses.

Who is looking after her?

Furthermore, she just keeps doing the work diligently without any reminders from the fancy apps. She faces many hiccups in her life when she has her periods and is in extreme pain. She cannot stop as then who will perform these plethoras of tasks.

Furthermore, she has additional burdens when someone falls sick in the family.

Her mind is running at the speed of lightning, trying her best to complete her tasks to the best of her abilities.

Today, think, why do we not acknowledge and herald this woman whenever there is any special event or just even mention about her when we talk about accomplishments?

A regular housewife might not be a scientist or an engineer, but she is a multitasker, and she uses her education in many ways. She is methodical and organized and diligent and highly skilled. Not only that, but she is a woman working 24/7 at home.

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