Work From Home In COVID Made Dealing With Periods Easier – Can Workplaces Listen To What We Need?

The lack of pressure to get ready and travel during periods, the ease of disposing of sanitary pads and better rest, etc., made it easier as a working woman.

Periods and I have always had the worst relationship until recently.

Since my school, I have the problem of overflowing and sometimes my parents had to come to pick me up from school. I used to be worrying about whether this was going to be a problem forever. There is no solution that I have found until now. But I ensure I don’t put myself into an uncomfortable situation during my periods.

When I was doing my internship, I used to keep a napkin on a napkin because we didn’t have proper facilities to dispose of it. That’s when my friend recommended I use a menstrual cup and it didn’t go well with me. Periods have been always a struggle for me to get over with every month.

Then there was COVID and work from home

COVID changed many things and my relationship with my periods turned out to be better.

During periods staying at home and doing work at my pace helped me to develop a healthy relationship with periods. The lack of any pressure to get ready and travelling to work made it easier. I learnt to handle them better, even the emotional ups and downs that I go through before and during my periods.

When a woman attains puberty, there is no time really, for her to understand it and learn to deal with periods. They become a part of her routine and women do whatever they have to as if it’s a normal day. And then some restrictions are placed on them, which never help.

I was in a better place emotionally and mentally too, with less period stress

So the break from the routine of going to school or college or work helped me to work on myself during periods. When the problem of overflowing napkins and disposing of napkins was easier at home, I understood how much emotional imbalance I go through before and during periods. I still haven’t found a perfect solution to deal with it but at least the hybrid model made it easier. Because not all days we have to go to the office and luckily sometimes during periods work from home has become an option.

The hybrid working model is a temporary set-up that came up as an adaption to the COVID situation. Dealing with periods became easier. However, this can’t be a solution to periods right? Over the years, corporate companies have become friendly to women and I expect more changes that ensure the workplace embraces the menstrual cycle as well.

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Image source: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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