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natchathiram nagargirathu
Why My Favourite 2022 Film Natchathiram Nagargirathu Is A Must Watch

Natchathiram Nagargirathu talks about love as a centre point in life and society, is as much political as it is personal, and how we can grow in it.

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It Does Not Make A Man Feminine To Like ‘Girly’ Things

There is no such thing as a man mysteriously becoming feminine if he starts liking things that are conventionally deemed as girly.

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Why Is Nudity Always Linked To Sexuality, Especially In Women?

We need to have conversations that normalise a woman's body in its infinite variety, so that women are not traumatised by the constant shaming, and men learn better or keep their opinions to themselves.

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international day of female orgasm
This International Female Orgasm Day I Wonder How Many Women Want to be Megha (Kiara Advani) From Lust Stories!

On 8th August, International Female Orgasm Day, let's understand that “every woman must shiver out of pleasure” as shown in commercial ads!

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Before Telling A Daughter Don’t Do This Or That, Teach Your Sons To Respect Consent

Humanising women for men must begin in every household. To every family out there, let’s take a moment to educate our boys and men about women and understand them.

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Mother and child
Let Motherhood Be Her Choice, Not A Compulsion Forced Upon Her By Society!

Motherhood is supposed to bring you joy. But not when it is forced upon you by society! Let this momentous life decision be your personal choice, not a compulsion!

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In ‘Game Over,’ Swapna Isn’t A Victim But A Survivor, Against All Odds!

When I started watching Taapsee Pannu's Game Over, I wasn't prepared for the life lessons it would teach me. Here's what I learnt from it!

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marital rape
Marital Rapes Will Continue Until Indian Women Can Say NO To A Husband Without Consequences

Marital rape is about more than just physical violation of a wife by a husband. There are layers of emotional trauma that it comes wrapped in.

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Have We Realized Feminism In India

When will the feminist belief of "equality" trickle down into the Indian households.

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