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In ‘Game Over,’ Swapna Isn’t A Victim But A Survivor, Against All Odds!

When I started watching Taapsee Pannu's Game Over, I wasn't prepared for the life lessons it would teach me. Here's what I learnt from it!

When I started watching Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over, I wasn’t prepared for the life lessons it would teach me. Here’s what I learnt from it!

There are very few good horror films and amongst them, recently I watched Game Over. Now, what about it? When in every typical horror film, there is a ghost that either haunts the house or people or village. However, in these kinds of films, it is left to the audience to decide if it was the ghost or the past that haunts the protagonist.

Another important aspect is when many times to project the female issues, there has to be a women-centric movie that talks about it. But it was quite astonishing how a horror film could also be a women-centric movie.

Firstly, in Game Over, watching Swapna (Taapsee Pannu), one can understand the traumas undergone by a rape survivor. It is very easy for people around to say, “You shouldn’t have gone out the other night.”

She is a survivor!

Well, she did and it happened. What next? The rapist is sent to jail. So, is it all okay now? Yeah, it should be because we have the next Nirabhaya case to look after. What about the rape victim? Is she really a rape victim or survivor?

Game Over tells us why she is a survivor rather than a victim. Swapna’s parents blame her for going out the other night and her mom says she is being raped because she had a tattoo. There is no way of getting back to the past and change, is there? Yet there is one thing that Amudha’s mom tells not only Swapna but to all of us, “We all have two lives the second one starts when we realise we only have one.”And then the game begins.

Last one hour of the film was she really fighting against the psychopath killers or herself getting over her traumatic past? This is left to us to decide if there was a ghost in her that helped her to fight against the killers or if it was Swapna’s vision of getting over the past.

However it is perceived to be, we see Swapna is made weakest and helpless. And finally, she rises as the strongest unbeatable person, and then the game is over, and there comes the New Year.

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Picture credits: Still from movie Game Over


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