The reality check!!!

Sometime back, I read an article about “Diversity and Inclusion”. The article had an important statement about the thin line of differences that exists between diversity and inclusion. It stated, “Diversity is being invited to a party, Inclusion is being asked to dance”. Diversity and inclusion is a boarder term in the workspace and the statement is a question to be answered by each one of us to make everyone in the party dance. Well, that’s an entirely different topic to discuss. But this statement made me question if I am truly the person that I say or write to be in terms of LGBTQ. Why specifically this? LGBTQ is an ongoing topic with never-ending arguments. I have always supported a diverse world that includes all. My way of support has been in the form of writing about it, sharing multiple posts on it and talking about it. That’s merely inviting everyone to the party! What about the latter part?

Recently, I had an opportunity to sign up for a “Life skill class” for the trans community. In this session, volunteers who sign up for it will have to coach the trainees on job skills and prepare them for the interviews. I usually sign up for sessions with college students and now I signed up for the one with the trans community. Volunteers were given training on “Sensitization” before the session. While attending the training session, I kept thinking if I would be able to do it and what if I messed it up. The more I thought about it, I became anxious about it. So I decided to concentrate my energy on everything else but not to think about it and get through it on the day of the session. And yesterday turned out to be the reality check to me!!

The session was a virtual session. So the volunteers of the program and trainees were sent to the breakout room. For every trainee, there was more than one volunteer to coach them in a room. I was put in a room full of senior colleagues. Usually, I am the over-excited kid who starts a GD or a Monica who asks the question and answers it. Yesterday, I took a back seat simply because I didn’t know how to begin.  So I let my senior colleagues start the session and I observed the way how they led it and the conversation between them. They presented themselves as very positive and approachable trainers. Their approach was not any different from how they would do it for other students. Trust me, when you take a seat back and observe, there is a lot of learning! After a few minutes of observation, I finally began to speak. I was quite impressed with how I presented myself. I forgot the fact it was training for the trans community. I ended my training session with a sense of satisfaction. And yes, I passed the reality check!!!

Difficult situations reveal your true personality! Of course, there are undealt demons in me. But I liked myself in this challenging situation.

How do you like the angels and demons in you?


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