Female Friendships Are Underrated!

This is a late post on appreciating the Monica of my life!

Interestingly, when I wanted to refer to and relate to my female friend and our relationship with any movie, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of it except for Monica and Rachel from the series Friends. I realised we don’t acknowledge female friendship on the big screen and appreciate it in real life. I wanted to write a brief post about how healthy female friendships can be and appreciate my Monica.

In 2022, around July I shifted to a new city for my job. It has always been my dream to live on my own and start a life in a city. Initially, I felt like I was living my life of OK Kanmani. Like how Adi moves to Mumbai and is comfortable with his job and of course, finds a Tara and their OK Kanmani starts, life seemed so much easier to me. Little did I know that it was a temporary phase and Chennai is not going to be easy on me! As how much I was high on happiness, slowly things started falling in my life. I had no one to fall back. This is when Minnu Jacob came to the office. We joined the office at the same time. However, she shifted to Chennai much later than me. We met as a colleague and now we are roommates and best friends for life. This sounds almost romantic, right? It is because we don’t celebrate female friendships as how we celebrate girl bestie and boy bestie & male friendships.

Minnu is the best thing that happened to me in Chennai! I was never appreciated for the fact that I wanted to live on my own. Everyone around looked at it differently. Minnu had also wanted to begin a new life in a city, make new friends and live an independent life for so long. Well, the rest clicked and things fell into place!

A healthy friendship can make you glow differently as well! With the toughest phase that I was going through in my personal life, Minnu made it easier. Female friendships help women to grow and develop healthier relationships with themselves! The tricky part is it is difficult to work out a healthy friendship due to various reasons. It is important to have one’s back during their hard times be it in friendship or relationship. When two people work out a healthy friendship which can lift one another when one falls, of course, magic happens! Minnu Jacob had to be my therapist, elder sister and whatnot to help me with whatever I was going through. It took me a while to understand life is easy and I am being hard on myself.

Female friendship is not about bitching about people or partying! That is not how I defined healthy friendship! Minnu and I discuss various things! Sometimes we discuss movies, life, the Indian economy and again whatnot! Of course, we disagree sometimes! But we listen to each other and embrace our differences and each other. There is a safe place that we provide each other!

Maybe I might not have worked out OK Kanmani yet, but I did find my Monica! Whenever I take stupid decisions from texting my ex to deciding on going on a date with a guy filled with red flags, she warns me and well I still do it. I come back to her all upset and we joke about it saying “Men are losers and we are awesome!” This has become our tagline!

In the month of celebration of friendship- a small appreciation to Minnu Jacob as my Monica – thank you for being my elder sister, travel buddy and everything else that you could be to me! Cheers to us, our dramas and the best version of what we bring out from each other!

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I don’t mean to say this is the only way to out a friendship or the best friendship, I am asking Rachels out there, to take a moment to thank you Monicas! Let\’s celebrate the female friendship!


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