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This International Female Orgasm Day I Wonder How Many Women Want to be Megha (Kiara Advani) From Lust Stories!

On 8th August, International Female Orgasm Day, let's understand that “every woman must shiver out of pleasure” as shown in commercial ads!

On 8th August, International Female Orgasm Day, let’s understand that “every woman must shiver out of pleasure” as shown in commercial ads!

I read in an article that two out of every three Indian women have never experienced an orgasm. Why does this “pleasure gap” exist? It begins when we restrict female sexuality and make the word ‘sex’ a taboo. Society attaches value to virginity and sometimes brides are made to spend their first night on a white sheet for ‘proof’. After marriage, they are expected to have sex only for having children.

I often wonder, how many women out there are Nimisha Sajayan from The Great Indian Kitchen wanti ng to be Megha (Kiara Advani) in Lust Stories?

Why does the word ‘sex’ mean pleasure for men and pressure for women?

Gender equality should exist from the workspace to the bedroom. The meaning of sex differs for men and women. For men it is pleasure, while for women it is the pressure to adhere to their partner’s pleasure.

This pressure begins even before it. It starts when the word ‘sex’ becomes wrong when it comes to women. It’s a taboo for them.  Marriage is the bridge that ridiculously transforms the word sex from wrong to right for women. Even after marriage, sex is restricted to be an act meant only for procreation, not pleasure.

Virginity tests and restrictions lead to ‘pleasure gap’ between male and female orgasms!

Women are told that they should enjoy their sexuality in solitude and secrecy. No wait, first of all, is she even given a space to enjoy it? How many times are we given a choice to be Kalindi (Radhika Apte) or Megha (Kiara Advani) in Lust Stories without being judged?

It’s strange, isn’t it? We have created a system where on one side for women, sex is the biggest thing as she cannot lose virginity before marriage, and on the other hand she is forbidden to enjoy pleasure.

The meaning of the word “virginity test” is “the practice and process of determining whether a girl or woman is a virgin; i.e., to determine if she has engaged in sexual intercourse or not. The test typically involves a check for the presence of an intact hymen, on the flawed assumption that it can only be torn as a result of sexual intercourse.”

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Still, we see households where white sheets are laid on first nights to determine a woman’s virginity. But why are we doing this? Instead of creating equality between all, these practices are further laying the road for gender inequality. This is one of the reasons for the huge’ pleasure gap’ between male and female orgasms.

Things are gradually changing…

This pleasure gap is supported by stereotypes and beliefs associated with women and their sexuality. There is a hesitation among women to talk about sex and pleasure even with their closest friends. On the other hand,  “last night was such a bang” is easy effortless conservation among men.

With Tinder and other dating apps, things are gradually changing and are viewed in a different and relatively better perspective. But still, discussions about sex still do not go with a ‘good’ woman’s image in public.

How many women are Nimisha Sajayan from ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ wanting to be Megha (Kiara Advani) in ‘Lust Stories?’

I remember this scene from ‘The Great Indian Kitchen‘  where Nimisha Sajayan gets her periods. Her father-in-law’s sister visits their home, and the two things she does first is to serve the men of the house and complain about Nimisha Sajayan.

I was left confused after watching the movie as to whether I should be mad at her for making Nimisha’s periods more difficult or sympathize with her ignorance towards her equal rights.

How many women out there are Nimisha Sajayan wanting to be Megha (Kiara Advani) in Lust Stories? It is high time to understand that “every woman must shiver out of pleasure in her bedroom” as advertised in commercial ads!

Image source: Still from Lust Stories 

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