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Need Proper Toilets During Periods? Keep Dreaming!

Why is access to proper toilets for women still a novelty? Here's what organisations can do about it.

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Her daughter was too embarrassed to hear about her period woes

As a mother, Neha had always been there for her daughter. Why couldn't her daughter be there for her when Neha needed someone to talk to?

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Put An End To Unsanitary Workplaces As Women Employees Deserve Clean Toilets

Workplaces need clean toilets for women who absolutely need to use them during periods - there's a danger of infections!

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When The Entire Organization Failed, One Friend Helped Me On My Period
Angry Indian woman

Is menstruation not an emergency? The simple inclusion of a sanitary pad in the monthly budget seems like a small gesture, but it can make a significant difference in someone's life.

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The Red Sea Stain

If decades of steering the corporate wheel had taught her anything at all, it was to avoid being stuck in peak-hour traffic at all costs. Sharvari had learned to force her brain cells to make peace with the dark 5 a.m. skies. She had learned to drag herself to the kitchen and brutally awaken the […]

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A Personal Experience Taught Me Why A Pad In The Bag Is Worth It!

Folks in my office started calling me “pad lady” - Here’s the interesting story of how I got this unusual tag

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