Her daughter was too embarrassed to hear about her period woes

As a mother, Neha had always been there for her daughter. Why couldn't her daughter be there for her when Neha needed someone to talk to?

Neha was having severe problems with her periods. Her periods were highly irregular.

Once they had stopped altogether for 8 months after a long period of three years of hot flashes, and she was hopeful that her menopause had arrived. But presumably not so! She had heavier than usual period soon after.

These intermittent on-and-off intervals of period puzzled her a lot. Not that she hadn’t shown to the gynaecologists, but the prolonged period of menopause was very irritating and difficult.

To add to her woes, at her workplace, there wasn’t any female of her age to talk to. The organisation had a marked boundary line between males and females and she was certainly not comfortable talking about it with her male colleagues. Who could she talk to?

‘I don’t wish to discuss your periods.’

One day, she casually started discussing it with her daughter. To her astonishment, her daughter left her at the dining table and said, “I don’t wish to discuss your periods. I find it embarrassing to discuss my mom’s period stories!”

Neha cried a lot that night before she eventually slept. Why could she not discuss her periods and her problems with anybody? Why was her own daughter so skeptical and annoyed? Hadn’t Neha always been there for her when she had certain issues?

No friends, no relatives, and no colleagues with whom she could discuss her period issues! The gynaecologists with whom she tried again to discuss were too mechanical again. She reconciled to her fate.

If I fight the battle alone, I deserve to celebrate the wins alone too

Her woes at her workplace continued. She had made it a point to carry two pads in her purse every day since she often had to travel for work. As soon as they were used, she would quickly replace them.

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Finally, she gave herself a small party when her menopause actually took place. As she ate the pan-fried noodles she loved, she smiled.

When her family asked her where she had gone, she replied casually, “To celebrate!” They asked, “Celebrations for what?”

She replied with her head held high, “I don’t think that I wish to discuss!”

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