Ambitious Woman? You are unjust to the family!

Niharika watched with a glow on her face as she saw her daughter, Mihika, being awarded the Gold Medal for her performance in her academics. While she was hugging her tight, she suddenly remembered the time when she was condemned and ridiculed at, not only by her extended family, but her neighbors. The reason – she was ambitious! She was lost in her thoughts…

Her MIL had made her sit on a sofa besides her and said, “I know that you are ambitious, but this is going to affect family. Your daughter is only six-month-old and you are joining back your business! Don’t you think that you’re being selfish?”

She replied calmly, “Your son always knew what I was and what I wanted to do. He supports me. We married since he was ready to be with me in every step that I take. So, please! Let me have my way!”

Those were the days when women mostly at home, doing household chores. They are of no less importance, but her heart’s calling was different. Everyone should have their choice, and she wanted hers.

A week later, while taking a walk, one of her neighbors commented, “Your MIL had come to my house yesterday. She was crying about how her daughter-in-law would be brought up since you will be working! And I think that she’s correct! Shouldn’t you think twice?”

Mihika was susceptible to getting viral attacks as a kid. One of her best friends said, “I think that Mihika is neglected badly in view of your desire to work. That’s why she keeps falling sick every now and then!”

She was suddenly brought back from her reverie when she heard her daughter say, “You know, mom, why I could achieve whatever I did? My starting point was a strong woman like you!”

Finally, Niharika smiled. Being ambitious was her choice. She was grateful to God today that she did exercise it. She felt that as if a gold medal had been bestowed not only to Mihika, but also to her!

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