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alpha woman
‘Indian Men Can’t Take On An Alpha Woman’ I Was Told When Looking For A Match

Indian men "cannot take on an alpha woman", I was told, so my matrimonial prospects seemed poor "unless I agreed to change myself"!

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My Husband And I Are Childfree By Choice, And That Does NOT Make Us Selfish!
childfree by choice

You wanna marry or not, you're childfree by choice or want kids, you want to adopt or be a single mom; no one has any business judging you. 

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Why Do You Want To Work After Marriage; Doesn’t Your Husband Earn Enough?

Why are women with dreams are by the salary of the man in their life? Can’t they be individuals with passions and goals?

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How Dad And I Busted The Belief That ‘Girls Go Astray In Co-ed Colleges Away From Home’

Why would co-education be bad for girls? Parents, please believe in your daughters and their sense of responsibility!

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With Their Heavy Accents And Long Oiled Hair In Gajras, Does Bollywood Spoof South Indian Women?

Don't South Indian women deserve better representation in Bollywood, instead of the usual saree-clad, oiled hair, heavily accented ones?

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Mental Health Issues Can Kill, So Stop Passing Off Insensitive Memes As ‘Just A Joke’!
insensitive memes

When I called out a badly worded, cringeworthy 'mental health' meme on a social media page, I was told to "chill" as "it was just a joke!" NO.

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