Will India’s #Metoo End Slut Shaming For Women’s Sexual Choices? Fingers Crossed!

#MeToo Might have one other unexpected fallout, says Prashant Yadav, that women would no longer be slut-shamed over their sexual choices outside of marriage.

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This Durga Puja Let’s Teach Our Daughters To Not Be Ashamed Of Periods

Nothing is 'impure' about periods. This Durga Puja, don't let bleeding deprive your daughters of Maa's darshan, says the author to all mothers out there. 

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Kerala’s ‘Good’ Women Protesting The SC Sabarimala Verdict Furthers Divisive Politics & Misogyny

Women from Kerala are protesting the Sabarimala verdict, their presence often validated by male family members, furthering women's exclusion and perpetuating the 'kulasthree' stereotype.

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When I Realised My Power As A Girl

"I found my power because I was a girl," says Kirthi Jayakumar, despite being told as a girl what she couldn't do. Because she questioned all those stereotypes.

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When We Shut Someone Up And Silence Their Voice, We Kill Their Identity And Souls

How does it feel to be brutally shut up each time you try to reach out in desperate need? How does it feel not to even be heard, leave alone the risk of public humiliation or the fear of not getting justice?

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The Pain Of Being Looked Upon As – ‘Baanjh’

He, instead, proposed that they adopt a child, and supported his wife. This did not really go well with his parents, and he was chided for being 'tied to his wife’s apron string' and not making a wise decision.

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