Say No To Advertisements That Set Unrealistic Standards For Women

Women are burdened with the pressure of living up to unrealistic standards of beauty along with constant stereotyping. It is time we call out these commercials that promote such bizarre ideals.

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A Knight In Shining Armour..Really?

Our society reeks of sexism and it is seen in all spheres of life, be it songs or the good old fairy tales. It is time we rewrite them.

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When You Are A Meat Eating Woman In India!

In a country that has a majority of meat eaters, it’s high time we stop policing food choices and stop perpetuating food stereotypes. Especially if they are gender based, like "women are usually vegetarian".

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To Dye Or Not To Dye, Is The Question Being Asked Among My ‘Silver Sisters’
Kalpana Manivannan grey hair

To dye or not to dye... now that I am greying, this is a big question, says the author. But she is keen on embracing her grey hair, and looks for support to her 'silver sisters'.

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Good Mom, Bad Mom; Who Has The Right To Rate Me As A Mother?

Women have made their mark everywhere, with no field left for them to conquer. Why then, are fingers still pointed at a mother's ways to raise her own child?

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UPSC Topper Acknowledges Girlfriend’s Support Publicly, Gets Trolled – When Will We Stop Moralising?
Kanishka Kataria

UPSC topper Kanishka Kataria was recently trolled for crediting his girlfriend for his success, and the nasties all came out of the woodwork.

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