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‘Rising’ with Karate – Interview with Amrita Mohan

Posted: February 17, 2013

On February 14th, when Amrita Mohan was returning from the One Billion Rising event at Thiruvananthapuram, she and her family friends were harassed by some men.  Amrita chose to respond with a skill that she had mastered over the last 12 years – Karate and Kalari. Borrowing from a co-member in an egroup, Amrita need not be an exception. Our daughters can be the same.

Read below the transcript of an interview with Amrita Mohan which was broadcasted in Asianet News. For those of you who understand Malayalam, you can listen to her at this interview:

Note: This is not a word to word translation. I have tried to keep the gist of the matter.

Presenter: Recently we heard about Arya, who gained prominence for protesting against an anti-woman tirade in Thiruvananthapuram. Yesterday, yet another girl sets an example for women. When street harassers abused her with expletives, Amrita beat them up and handed them over to the Police. That’s was how Amrita demonstrated woman strength.

Note: There is a voice over at this point. However, the details stated are a little different from what Amrita says. So, I am not translating the entire part. But here is Amrita’s introduction.

This is Amrita. Kalari Payattu Champion. She has a black belt in Karate.  She was the Chairperson in All Saints College. She has also been a part of the NCC Air Wing.

Presenter: Amrita is here with us in the studio. Amrita, can you please describe your experience? How many people were there in the car? How did the abuses begin?

Amrita: I was returning from the program, One Billion Rising. There was a Vyapari Vyavasayi Bandh on the day, and therefore hotels were not open. We were a group of two families. We stopped at a  Thattukada near Bakery Junction for food. My father and my friend’s father had gone to order some food.  I was on a bike and the rest of them were in a Jeep. We were all girls waiting there. I think, these men assumed that we were a group of girls. They came, looked at my friend’s sister and asked her, “What? Looks like you had some trouble with our honking.”

(Note: The “you” in English language does not allow me to differentiate between the Tu, the Tum and the Aap. In this exchange, the abusers were using the “tu”reference)

They started commenting at us.

So I asked, “What’s the problem here?”

They started saying “Edeee, Vaadee, Podi” and the tone of the conversation was of the offensive kind.

(Note: These are just some disrespectful ways of addressing women. Sometimes people in close relationships may use these words without being disrespectful, but when strangers use it to address women, it is clearly a show of power)

I told them, “How can you say these things while sitting in a “Govt. of Kerala” vehicle?”

He said, “ You called me “thaan” and “Eda”. You will suffer for doing that.”

(Eda is the male form of edi)

 A fierce argument had begun at that point. When I was speaking to him, there were many people around. But none of them spoke a word. People, who were with me, were also silent. My mother, my friends and their mother, were there. But they were afraid and did not know what to do. It was dark and we had parked our car a little away. My father and Uncle were not close by.

I told these guys, “You should go now.”

When I said that, they started hurling extreme abuses at us and started to drive away.

Presenter:  Had they parked their car near your bike?

Amrita:  The vehicles were on the road. When I was speaking to them, there were only two people. The thing is, when they said such extreme abuses, for a moment, I thought, “Gosh. How can I not react to this?”

So I said, “If you are smart, come back.”

Now, they became confident that there were no men with us. They came back after 2 -3 minutes. There were four men now.

By that time, uncle had brought our food.

There was a Pan Masala shop close by. This guy stood there and told me, “You asked us to come back if we were smart, right? We are here. What can you do?”

I did not want to attack a man, right then. I thought it would not be so nice. I told the people around, “None of you spoke a word when all this was happening. This guy is now standing right here. Do any of you have anything to do/say?”

Even then, nobody said a word. Then my father came there and asked me, who had abused us. There was a person along with that person. He pushed my father. Once that happened, I did not have to think about anything. Nothing else crossed my mind. I did not have the time to see who was looking at me. I was sure that no one else was going to react. I pulled him down and attacked him in every possible way. By that time, we had got our food. I put the plate down and I attacked him, in every way that I possibly could.

Presenter: Did the others try to help him?

Amrita: My dad and the other person had some tussle. After I started responding, the people around suddenly realized “Aah! That girl is doing something. We must also get involved.” In that sense, the public got involved. But after that, everyone was very active and were with me. But I had to be the silent breaker.

Only one person hurled the abuses. The people sitting in the back of the car did not say anything. This was the driver. His name is Manoj. He works in the Education Department. The others had some tag and one of them tried to push my father.

But the most important thing is that I had to be the silent breaker. That was the situation. No one else came forward. You can’t even call this, an attack. That was my situation. I really can’t label it an attack or that it was because I have been learning Kalari for 12 years.

First of all, when this man was hurling abuses at me, I had just returned from One Billion Rising. I was there, as a representative of women. If I did not respond here, if I did not respond in this situation, there would be no meaning in saying that I am proud to be a girl. I responded because of that!

Presenter: How was the crowd? Did they ask you not to beat him or were they supportive?

Amrita: That was shocking. The entire crowd was supportive. But after the incident, one man came up to me and said, “You should not show so much strength. Women should not respond like this.”

He went to the police and said, “Please don’t beat this man any more. She has beaten him quite a bit. Don’t do anything more to this poor man.”

What does he mean when he says, “this poor man”? I really could not understand.

Two three people came up to me and said, “You should not complain. Let it go, dear. They are Govt. employees. Why do you want to spoil their future?”

I did not attack him because I wanted to demonstrate my identity as “Amrita Mohan” He should not do this anymore. Men need not be afraid of women but they should respect women. That was my aim.

Presenter : How did the Police respond?

Amrita: They responded well and they asked me to report to Museum police station. It was around 11:30pm, and filed the complaint. He was there to make a counter complaint. He wanted to say that this was a tussle for a parking space and this girl was responding unnecessarily.

Presenter: Did he complain that you beat him?

Amrita: Yes. He said this girl beat me up unnecessarily. Yes, I beat him up. I beat him up real bad but I don’t feel guilty at all.

Presenter: Is he in the hospital?

Amrita : With a smile, “ I don’t know but most probably he is.”

Presenter: Did anyone ask you to withdraw your complaint ?

Amrita: No. I was at the One Billion Rising program. Parvati madam and many people called me up and told me, “Many people will ask you to withdraw your comment. You should never do that. You have our full support.”

It’s not that I want him punished or anything like that. But girls are to be respected, and if I can make any contribution to that, I will be very happy.

Presenter: Where are you studying?

Amrita: I am studying in All Saints College, final year BA Communication.

Presenter: Do you still ride a bike?

Amrita : I ride a bike to my college.

Presenter: How is it then? Do people comment at you?

Amrita: There is not a comment that I have not heard in these two years, whenever I ride a bike. Sometimes I hear nice things, but sometimes, its like, “Why do you have to do all this? Is there any need for this?”  Sometimes I also comment back in jest, “You see. I got on to the bike and now I don’t know how to get down!” I take these things with that kind of lightness.

Presenter: Do people try to overtake you when you ride the bike?

Amrita: Yes. They try to overtake. They try to jerk suddenly in front of me, make me apply the brake, making me slip. Those things, I can accept. But yesterday, it was different. They thought that they could do anything because there were no men with us. They wanted to act smart.

Presenter : What did your family and friends say? Those who were with you?

Amrita:  They are still in shock. They told me later that they could not respond.

Presenter: Why could they not respond? They could have stood by you.

Amrita : Yes, they could have stood by me but they were shocked. Even yesterday, when I was at the rally on my bike, there were a few older men, who were rather encouraging. But sometimes young college girls would see me on a bike and they would giggle and act shy. I feel women from the earlier generation were much bolder. Today, we are developed and advanced in terms of technology, but girls are very shy. They are not acting smart, where they have to. You don’t show your smartness or your attitude in just the way you dress. You should have an identity of who you are in this society.

Presenter: Is it because women don’t feel insulted when they hear these comments?

Amrita: I think, the biggest restriction is the family. Most parents (at least among my friends) advise their daughters not to respond if anything happens. They tell their daughters not to make an issue. It’s not that, my parents tell me  to “create” issues.  But they tell me, if there does arise a situation, “Face it and come back”. They know that, if they sent me out, I will surely come back. I will face the situation and come back. They know that. All parents should develop that trust.

Presenter:  The public around you did not react when the incident happened. Do you think they will respond in the future after this example?

Amrita : I am certain they will respond. My mother was saying something and my friend was also saying something while this was happening. They were saying things but it was not coming out with full energy. Seeing this, if there is a change in at least two people, I would be fully satisfied.

Preethi is currently pursuing her Graduate Studies in Sociology in Purdue University in the US.

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  1. She said controversial statements in the above video apart from she stated to the media immediately after the incident.Its really annoying to get such a huge media attention to a lady who took law in her hand. How come she physically attack some one & become so proud. She had equally participated in the argument over a small issue. The Guys who done the same got beaten up by this lady,got Charged with police case & lost their job. How come she have a different law. She is the culprit & should be punished along with the other youths. Its all just for a an instant fame & Publicity, shame on you lady!!!!!!

  2. i m glad she stood up against these men! govt employees my foot! where does all the concern abt loosing job, respect go when they r teasing girls on road side..more girls should take inspiration from her! 🙂

  3. Well said, Aks. All this concern about repurcussions of behaviour do not seem to exist when these fellows are indulging in “eve-teasing”. well, for once, they got their just deserts 🙂

  4. Really proud of you dear Amrita….this is how girls have to be….there’s is no point in bowing down our heads infront of guys who disrespects gals and thinks that we are low- keyed…… (Y)

  5. No wonders in a feminist column i got more dislikes for my above comment. But ladies wake up….. Don t close your eyes and scream, darkness all around. I am strongly against the criminals who try to harass, torture or any thing of that sort towards women. But here, it is absolutely an unnecessary aggressiveness shown by this lady for fame. Now police case has got charged on this lady for physical attack & harassment. By giving extensive Support to this girl, It seems you all were so eagerly waiting for some one, who can set an example for all other women. Unfortunately she is the wrong one.

    • yes she is not wrong example…and encouraging this criminal attitude of physical aggression is catastrophic. She should be brought before law…also the guys involved too.

    • I meant she is not a good example….really really a wrong one, if we measure her by this incident alone!

  6. For all those following this case, you may be interested to learn that Amrita is not backing down: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-miscellaneous/amrita-determined-to-fight-despite-case/article4433885.ece. Kudos!

  7. All criminals & law breakers have got right to prove their innocence in this democratic country. Let her prove in the court that, what she did was right. Its very important we should also hear the ” accused” people s verdict & know exactly what happened there.

  8. Reply to Aparna- Its really interesting. Your determined Amrita Madam got any other option?

  9. Methew Loyal, after all these years of hearing verbal abuses, torments and eve teasing from men, if a girl reacts through physical violence, we women community will gladly welcome it, Being a male, probably people like you and Manu cannot understand how welcome this change is.Let me remind you that eve teasing women is also a crime..

    • Vidya- Absolutely, eve teasing is a crime and culprits should be punished. Even i do have a family which consists more number of females than males. I respect women for, what they are. But in this particular case, i have been watching all the possible news and videos ever since this incident happened. There are many contradictory statements made by her, proving provocation came from both sides. You all analyse the things through only one angle. Just think in the other way, your father, Husband , Brother or son had same kind of argument and beaten by some crazy lady . This is a clear evidence of misutilization of law which prevents women. My stand is very clear. Justice should be there in this case & Culprits shall be punished irrespective of gender partiality.

    • since you hv see all d news and videos in dis incident,u wld know also dat it was initiated by d male passers.and she was just provoked to react.. If you think girls provoke guys by countering on their comments,then you too belong to their genre.
      .As Mr.Mathew here mentioned abt thinking d other way round,i would rather correct my father,husband, brother or son rather than supporting them for passing comments at a group of girls.Also if they are provoked to pass comments on estranged group of girls during midnight, i would rather believe they deserve it.

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  11. During the latest U.S elections there was a big controversy on the deliberations of Republican candidates in respect of Abortion laws and the related issues likes rape, contraception, pregnancy etc. The loose talk of the Senate nominee- Todd Akin of Missouri that triggered the first storm by commenting that ‘pregnancy rarely occurs due to legitimate rape’! Already the Republican Party have been known by a political catchphrase- ‘War on Women’ as it was keen on restricting initiatives, mainly funding in both federal and state legislatures with regard to productive rights of women. The term ’War against Women’ is used when targeting policies for reducing or eliminating taxpayer funding towards women’s Health Organizations. After the adverse comments of Todd Akin, fresh controversies erupted in the same track notably by the senate candidate and Indiana State Treasurer – Richard Mourdock who stated that ‘pregnancy from rape is something that God intended’. Evidently there was mass objection to all these comments outraging the modesty of American Women, which reflected in the election results.

    One Billion Rising, the global campaign by women for women was an event held on 14th February, 2013 for the unification of more than one billion women around the globe calling for an end to violence and for justice and gender equality. Actually it was held on the 15th anniversary of the V-Day movement, which commenced in Italy on the back drop of the play- ‘The Vagina Monologues’ by the famous American Activist, Playwright and feminist Eve Ensler in 1998. The word “billion” refers the statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime, or about one billion. On 20th September, 2012 people from 160 countries had signed up to take part in the campaign. On February 14, 2013, rallies were held in many cities of more than 190 nations.

    There were divergent views on women’s issues, especially on abortion laws wherein many senatorial candidates from the Republican Party have expressed antagonist remarks against abortions. I wonder why Mourdock had deviated from the question of allowing or not allowing abortion in the unfortunate event of a rape or incest, and preferred to show his belief in the manifestation of God when women get conceived by rape! His comments would have shocked even the most savaged societies around the globe! His comments had discounted not only the image of the Republican Party but the whole of United States! He must have made an effort to clarify that he just wanted to remark that God alone can create life, but his split of the tongue had done enough damage. Mourdock and his comments will be a lesson to anyone who casually and incongruously drags God for commenting on any issues. Of course our politicians can rightly learn the lesson from this episode.

    The celebration of ‘One Billion Rising’ in our small state of Kerala is relevant at this time when the people as a whole irrespective of political differences have disgusted with the increasing trend of atrocities happening against young girls and women throughout the nation. It is unfortunate that there was an attempt to abuse one of the gifted girls in the state capital who is in the forefront of the campaign for the above said ‘One Billion Rising’, by hooligans who are roaming around to abuse womanhood as their birth right. She has become a real leader for girls in the whole country by showing guts to display the lessons learned in ‘karate’ and ‘kalari’ while the scoundrels crossed all limits. Let me salute the girl- Amrita for her courageous action. India, especially Kerala must have more breed of ‘Amrita’ type girls to cut the nose of those who pass derogatory comments on girls and women at any time at any place! Amrita had really risen as a star on an auspicious day! The whole women of Kerala are indebted to her for having taken a new turn of retort to disgraceful comments by ruffians. It is an ignominy for the state government itself while the Police had clamped a case with host of charges against Amrita, her friend and their respective families who had set out for having food in a wayside restaurant. Just because the girl knows martial Arts, she would not have attempted to show-off by initiating either a verbal or physical fight with men, especially who are less educated, rustic and discourteous to women. It will be imprudent to believe that she had trashed men who are plausibly modest. The fact may be that she was forced to act when the situation warranted.

    Incongruously there happened a judicial anarchism when one of the culprits could prevail on the Judicial First class magistrate-T.A.Ramachandran to proceed for a Police case against Amrita. The state government must come forward for the cessation this court order and instead it must prompt for a court order for apprehending the scoundrels who have misused a state government vehicle for their unauthorized expedition at the time of their malevolent behavior.

  12. Well sais, Madan Mohan!

  13. Interesting. But unfortunately this isn’t a sustainable solution.


  15. Now Truth is in front of you all, as visuals. I am so desperate to see more comments from the above commentators. Especially AKS, Vidya & Greeshma. I am not a eye witness in this case, but little common sense of a person can judge, it was a fabricated case. Now Kudos to Kerala Police & the Judge who had taken the right decision in the beginning of this case against this “Fake Lady”. “Amrita fans” carry on with your crap. No more time to waste on this…….Bye

    • well..Mathew Loyal, i only wished and wanted to hear a news from some corner that a girl had beaten up a guy who had been eve teasing her. If such a thing had happened , i would have stood up by her side n justified the act. In this case, the only issue was nobody was sure of the truth behind the incident.I supported her because it made sense to hear that a girl was being bullied by guys during an odd time at Trivandrum and that she reacted by performing her karate stunts. If she had beaten up some random guy passing by the road without reason, then you must be right

    • “In this case, the only issue was nobody was sure of the truth behind the incident” happens to be your own statement. I amazed that it made sense to you that she reacted. Dear All female readers, please understand from this incident that all you hear are not the truth. Some of them are. But, there are many Amritas. Moreover please see how a stupid lie from a lier girl became a hot spot to which she was made the role model for females. Most of all – it cost innocent man his job. A lie can make a lier girl a hero and a innocent man a criminal. Shame on all who believed her- especially her parents and media and feminists who made her a sensation.
      Please understand this: Men CAN be a treat for women; but women are the greatest threat for women.

      For more on Amrita Issue and others visit http://deepanair.blog.com/?p=4

    • Deepa Nair,May be you knew the truth beforehand itself, but i didnt whatever it be.It is not like you ride a motor bike during mid night, spot a guy who has a govt. job, target him and beat him up accusing false allegations to become famous.Does that make sense to you Deepa Nair?

    • ..
      Remember, we are ladies. We have the right to be given freedom. But, Even if a leaf falls on a thorn or a thorn on a leaf, its the leaf that gets torn. Then why take a risk. Its human for a man to look at beauty and admire it just like our nose runs behind sweet smell. Instead of becoming a target, learn to dress well and walk simple: I’m not saying that we will become 100% safe – atleast the chances of getting attacked lessens.

  16. It has been proved now that she has not even hit the guy, instead it was her father and her friend’s father who had hit this guy. Media and social network should be ashamed of reporting and propagating false news. This said lady seems to have attention seeking behavior, otherwise she should not have come up with such a story in the first place. The social network, media and some prominent people who spoke on her behalf without even checking what really happened. Now from CCTV it has been proved that she never hit this guy.

  17. Are these comments based on only this video?

    If so, this is what the video says.
    “The incident happened at Bakery Junction on February 14th. The complaint was that the temporary employees of ITI school had behaved inappropriately with Amrita and her family members. Amrita had told the Police that she was reacting to the attack on her father. But the drivers complained to the Police that the men with Amrita had beaten them. The Police then checked the CCTV recording. The recording shows Amrita and her family arriving at the Thattukada. What we see next, is the recording of the brawl. The recording shows Amrita and the men with her, attacking the man in the white shirt. The recording shows how Amrita pulls the man out of the Thattukada as he ran for cover, and how the men with her attacked him. Based on this recording the police, has strengthened their investigation.”

    I am not sure, how the conclusion that she is fake was arrived at, based on this video.
    Initially, the problem was that she took law in her own hands. Now the problem is that she did not beat. Even though the video says that “Amrita AND the men with her” were involved in the attack. Of course, we can wait for more information about the case. But I am not sure, if this video is enough evidence to suggest that she was faking the whole incident. Obviously, men would like to believe that.

    Also, does anyone else think that Deepa Nair is a man commenting with a woman’s name ;-)!

  18. What if Amrita’s father/one of the men with her were involved in some argument (related with parking) with those men and things got out of hand ? No one except Amrita & her companions have reported the so called ‘eve teasing’. My humble question is, what if the same happens to your father/brother/husband/son (a female trying to protect her beloved, who did something wrong, by making false accusations); will you all still claim that it is the right thing !?

    Everything we see around us is biased. Even without waiting for the truth to emerge, we start trying to prove out theories on the basis of ‘breaking news’ that seldom present the complete picture. Media wants some hot news, and every idiot with access to internet wants some scapegoat to unload all the anger & disappointments in his/her life. By blaming people we don’t even know (Amrita &/or those young men) based on nearly nothing shows what you all are made of !

    I’ve no idea right now on who is the real culprit in Amrita’s case; so I’m not going to judge anyone. But what if it was all a lie ? Will those young men be served with true justice after all this ? Will the remorse of everyone who blamed them will be enough ?

    Same goes with Amrita’s case. Too early to judge. And those who are doing it, I seriously hope you or your beloved end up in such a crisis where you did nothing wrong yet you get the hatred of thousands that you don’t even know. Then you might now how it actually feels..

    • Unni, I seriously doubt if u are the person who man handled Amritha.. ;p
      So eager to know about the comments of so called feminist n get back that lost image huh..
      Now cick as many dislikes for my comment so that it would not be seen by public..thats something u can do with ease..
      Same follows for everyone who had disliked R Preethi Krishan’s comment

    • To the author Preethi and others who still wonder what are the lies that Amrita said – here it is quoted from above:

      Quote:………”Even then, nobody said a word. Then my father came there and asked me, who had abused us. There was a person along with that person. He pushed my father. Once that happened, I did not have to think about anything. Nothing else crossed my mind. I did not have the time to see who was looking at me. I was sure that no one else was going to react. I pulled him down and attacked him in every possible way. By that time, we had got our food. I put the plate down and I attacked him, in every way that I possibly could.”

      Repeat quote: “I was sure that no one else was going to react.”

      The above quote is precisely the white lies. Lies that made her appear to be some heroine. The same lies that brought her down, when the camera shots came out.

      Whatever is argued here, one thing is sure that the people of Thiruvananthapuram who supported her including me, and including all women and women’s organisations, have now dropped her like a hot potato! Just shows that white lies don’t go far in a nation where truth is supreme. Satyam eva jayate.. the old saying on our national emblem.

    • @ Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous : FYI, I do not comment here for ‘likes’ (not being ungrateful to those did liked, but I do not have to prove any point here). And look how YOU replied, as an anonymous. So I do not think you have the right to judge whether ‘I am the one’ (then again, shouldn’t it be “the person ‘man-handled’ BY Amrita ? Like most of your friends here, you too are not sure of the facts :P)

      Read all 5 comment I posted here. I’m not biased, I personally kick@$$ of any dumb$h!t who try to harass a female. But what happening here is, a bunch of ladies are celebrating something which might not even have happened. Moreover, even before the verdict you all are accusing some people for crime they might not have (I’m not sure either, like everyone else) done.

      If they did tease Amrita & her companions, they deserve beating (from the bystanders too); period.
      BUT if the whole issue was between Amrita’s dad/uncle and those men, who gave anyone the right to accuse them for some entirely different crime !??!

      Those who know the truth black n white, should judge. I do NOT know, so I’ll be neutral. Not a single ‘feminist’ here is being neutral in this issue, just read the comments !

      And for the millionth time, IF THE ACCUSED WERE YOUR FATHER/BROTHER/HUB, AND *IF* THEY WERE FALSELY ACCUSED (stress on falsely accused), will YOU feel the same, like someone saying here “I am glad that this incident got the attention that it did” ?

  19. I don’t blame the average concerned citizen who vocally supported her in February, thinking that she was single-handedly taking on ‘criminals’. However, since at least a good part of truth has comes to light, negating her assertions, those who supported her, should not hesitate to deplore the misuse of the Law.

    The provisions of the Law (such as weightage for female alibi) are truly intended to protect the abuse of helpless women. Unfortunately these laws do not have provisions to punish (at least a few) who might misuse the Law to victimize men or twist the truth to their own favour in unrelated cases.. We should sensibly remember that woman who misuses the Law, however, is in fact harming women, as these cases of misuse of the Law will later be cited as ‘precedent’ in other court cases (thus working against women who are genuine victims of abuse).

    It is also grossly ridiculous how prominent people in society like Shashi Tharoor and Sugathakumari end up felicitating an ‘instant heroine’, solely based on one-sided claims in the media. Doesn’t a law-maker like Shashi Tharoor have the basic sense to refrain from felicitating a woman who took the law into her own hands!? Also it was pathetic to see Sughathakumari felicitating this girl with a shawl (‘ponnaada’) at a public function – for a street brawl!. The ones like Sughathakumari should realize that there are so many unsung achievers (women alone) in our society, who have expended their whole life in various fields and yet remain never felicitated.

    Time we woke up and questioned the factual accuracy of what the TV channels presents to us in lopsided reports. I am yet to see a channel that interviewed the driver of the Govt. vehicle who is the accused, the one manhandled, and also the one who lost his job as result of ‘mob reaction’ to a bunch of lies.

    • Right now what provokes me most is the silence of those who were too eager to comment against the so called molesters. In case of Government & social figures, they simply will do what might please the mob. With Delhi incident lingering in the background, every so called celebrity will play it safe, that is supporting the weaker sex.

      Miss Amrita seems to have played her ‘damsel in distress’ cards pretty well, in a situation with which she made sure that a street brawl will be portrayed as cruelty against women.

      The pathetic fact is how so-called feminists leap over it just based on an individual’s (Amrita’s) words. And boy, check above to see how she describes the incident ! She made every single ‘feminist’ an utter idiot who went all guns blazing to support the ‘poor’ girl !

      I’m still waiting for the truth to unravel completely.. What I want to know is if the two young men turn out to have no part in the ‘manhandling’ as Amrita accused, will they show some b@lls (the irony!) and will apologize for their stupid comments made in every public form such as this ?

      Oh, I seriously doubt that.

  20. this girl sold the opportunity.

  21. From all the comments and the video footage any laymen can understands what would have happens in Amritha’s case. I accept her braveness in lying before Museum police only to protect her father and his friend,otherwise they will be charged with causing grievous hurt.
    Now a days media is running behind sensationalism and it is very easy to twist real stories. In my opinion if she was teased by those person ,they should be punished by the law and not by her karate father.
    Interesting thing is that without knowing reality our so called renowned politicians are playing Political drama in this issue for their political mileage.

  22. Still no reply from the so called feminists who were supporting ‘Amirita’s heroic feat’ like there is no tomorrow. She did played her cards well, the supporters here and everywhere were too dumb to see through it.

    In every single interview she claimed that she and her family were teased and abused. God forbid if it is all a lie, then who & what will compensate for the hardships the accused went through ? I’m not saying that the accused are innocent. One way or the other they were involved in a street brawl, but that’s it. The law should consider them through that aspect alone, not through what some opportunist, lying @#%’s eyes.

    Media too must be blamed, as they saw nothing but a great opportunity to boost their sales. Who these days are interested in the real truth anyway !

    As I said before, how I wish you people; the supporters of the ‘karate chick’ (for what she ‘did’) go through a similar situation where you or your beloved get blamed for something you never did. Moreover, every cockeyed piece of art in town goes against you without even breaking a sweat to know the real truth. I seriously wish for that !

  23. I have two simple questions:
    1. What was the lie?
    2. Where did you get that information from?

    From your comments, it seems to me that you suggest that she had NOT fought and that she was NOT harassed.The video which was presented here does not seem to suggest either of these things. The video only states that her father was also involved in the fight. How does that make Manoj, any less culpable to the crime of street harassment. (if he has done it) How did he suddenly become “innocent”?

    The comments here are very interesting . At one side, you say that she was involved in a street brawl. On the other side you say, she was lying. Maybe she underplayed the role that her father played in the incident.
    But it is important that Amrita’s response get the attention that it did.

    For decades, our girls are being brought up to be submissive and with the notion that they have to be protected. I dont think what Amrita did was a sustainable solution to counter street harassment, but what she did is inspirtational for many girls. When girls see that a woman who is trained in martial arts can confidently respond to street harassment, it turns the argument “a girl needs to be protected” on its head.
    In that respect, I am glad that this incident got the attention that it did.

    • It is funny how you ask the same questions raised at you.

      1. What proof do you have (except Amrita’s comments) to claim that the men involved did what the media/Amrita claim ?

      “On February 14th, when Amrita Mohan was returning from the One Billion Rising event at Thiruvananthapuram, she and her family friends were harassed by some men.” – This is from your own thread. How on earth can you claim and post about the ‘harassment’ ? Were you present there ? Do you have any solid evidence that the men did harass her ?

      If no, who on earth gave you the right to comment so, against two human beings (men or women) like an authority of some kind !? There is nothing ‘neutral’ in this stand. You WANT the situation to be so, and you just are making hostile comments in this article towards someone whom you don’t even know !

      2. Where did you get that information from ? – The same media that started all this fuss and praised her bravery are now silent just like the so-called feminists here. Everyone wanted a piece of news to chew on, and like them, you too did not bother to wait for the actual truth.

      And FYI, as said earlier you started the thread, claiming the ‘harassment’.

      “But it is important that Amrita’s response get the attention that it did.” – even if it was based on a lie ? I’m not judging, but what evidence you or any biased person has on whether Amrita (or the accused) are saying the truth ?

      The ‘attention’ you mention just backfired, as more and more are now wondering about the credibility of Amrita’s claims.

      “I am glad that this incident got the attention that it did” – Great, but if it proves to be a lie, next time when some female actually stands up to someone who harasses her, no one will believe her.

      Again let me ask (set your feminist shoes aside and think as a neutral human being), IF it turns out to be a lie and some woman falsely accuse your father/husband/brother, you still be glad ??

      Don’t judge anyone unless you are 101% sure of it. As you started the thread, you started judging and so don’t tell me that my comments are biased.

      P.S. : By ‘you’, I address every single person here who is accusing someone with no damn solid proof.

    • @ Preethi


      No edit option here, so let me post afresh.

      “On the other side you say, she was lying. Maybe she underplayed the role that her father played in the incident.” – You still didn’t get it. All I am saying is, WHAT IF THERE WAS NO INCIDENT ?

      A parking related issue between the young men & Amrita/her dad/.. turned ugly, and by the looks of it; Amrita’s father & his friend beat them up.

      She did lie about the “beating them up” part, stated by the police itself.


      so is it so unnatural to suspect that the whole scenario was a lie ? Not a single soul yet cemented her claims, so what is your point exactly ?! In every single interview she explains the incident flawlessly, and the video tells a whole different story. If she can lie so effortlessly about ‘beating them up’, she sure can in something more.

      I’ll be breaking my own rule if I accuse Amrita alone. But till now, nothing surfaced gave me a chance to support her. A culprit must be punished on basis of his/her crime, not on basis of what media and some biased people (feminist or anti-feminist) say.

      An eve-teaser MUST be man-handled, I’ve no second thoughts on that. But what if she gave the whole thing a new perspective to save her dad & uncle from beating the guys up over an argument on parking space ? THAT is my question.

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