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Would You Intervene If You See Another Man Sexually Harassing A Woman?

Women know exactly how vulnerable we are in public, but whenever we speak about it men seem to believe that the solution is to learn the art of self defence. “Teach your daughter karate so she can defend herself when she is sexually harassed”, they say, quite forgetting that that even being among the best […]

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Delhi Govt Proposes Women Only Parks… Why Are Men Getting Upset By This?!
URGENT \\ A progressive outlook towards women-only spaces

People, particularly men, in the comment section were against such a proposal as, in their opinion, it gives rise to inequality. There were comments like "RIP equality", "Feminazi parks," and so on.

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Men Who Keep Saying Not All Men… Why Do You Outrage?

I'm tired of this unsafe, non-supportive, abusive society - which is because of men. Those who claim to be 'good' men and say 'not all men' ,what are you doing about this?

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I Shared My Story Of Molestation During Holi On Twitter… And Then The Trolling Started!

Shouldn’t the focus be on getting men to stop molesting women under the pretext of Holi, and not on locking women up? 

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Grow Up Bollywood! A Fun Holi Means Consent, Not Your Usual Hooliganism!

The comment bura na mano Holi hai has become slogan used to excuse the worst kind of behaviour: invading personal space, touching, defacing and groping the most inappropriate places because oops! the hand slipped.

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The Horrifying Memories Of Holi That I Refuse To Pass On To My Son!
The horrifying memories of Holi that I refuse to pass on to my son!

That day I dared to sneak out from a small gap between the opening of the door and the wall to see what happens... and it horrified me.

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