Men Who Keep Saying Not All Men… Why Do You Outrage?

I'm tired of this unsafe, non-supportive, abusive society - which is because of men. Those who claim to be 'good' men and say 'not all men' ,what are you doing about this?

I am tired.
Tired of men who say
“Not All Men”
Of course not all men.
But ask yourself-
Why are you outraged?

Why do you need me
To hand you a certificate.
A certificate you can frame
And hang above your desk
So you can look at it often and say,
“I am not like other men.
I am different”.

Why can’t you show you are different?
By speaking up
By calling out every gaze that lingers longer than it should
Every casual brush of a stray hand
Every sexist remark
Every attempt to mansplain
Every example of misogyny.

“If I did that, I would be doing nothing else”,
You tell me.
Exactly! You will be doing nothing else.
Now think of me

That is what I face every day
Every single day
Every hour of every day.
The constant scrutiny.
The judgment
The unsolicited advice.
I face it.

You have a choice-
You can speak up, or remain silent.
You will still get your shiny medal-
‘Not All Men’.

I do not have a choice
I cannot hide my gender
I have to face it everyday.
I have to face you everyday.

And I am tired
Tired of fighting
Tired of having to explain myself
Tired of asking you to understand.

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Just tired.

Image source: a still from short film Juice

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