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Journalist Posts Twitter Thread With 7 Tips On Self Defence, After She Had A Narrow Escape

Journalist Anubhuti Vishnoi posted a twitter thread yesterday after a narrow escape from what could have become a horrific sexual assault, highlighting the importance of alertness and self defence.

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Man Allegedly Masturbates On Woman At Gurgaon Metro Station, Hurls Abuses When She Retaliated

A man allegedly masturbated on a woman and hurled abuses at her after she retaliated at a metro station. Are molesters now not even scared and instead take pride in abusing women?

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Indian Streets & Women. Yes, That’s Exactly What I’m Going To Speak About!

We have all experienced some form of sexual offence from men in our lives, more than once. Something so commonplace in our country that it is normalised to become a 'part of life'.

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Why Making Delhi Metro & Buses Free For Women Has Opened A Veritable Can Of Elitist Worms
Delhi metro

The AAP Delhi state government has announced free travel on metro and buses for women who cannot afford it. How exactly will this lead to safer travel for women?

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21 y.o. Molested In Temple, Fully Clothed, With Parents; Can You Answer Her Pertinent Question?
girl molested in temple

Recently on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, a 21-year-old was molested in a temple and we ask, where are women safe? Rape cases, acid attacks, molestation; these heinous crimes have now become a day to day business. Our society claims that “short clothes, roaming around with guys and going out in the night” is the […]

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Woman, Fight Back; Make Him Learn What Happens When He Ignores The Word NO!

Crimes against women have been increasing, but also increasingly, women are standing up for themselves and speaking up against this.

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