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Prime Series Dahaad Is Making Its Roar Heard, And Here’s Why It’s A Must Watch!

There's a scene in the series between Anjali Bhatti and her mother, at their home. Anjali is home for a few hours of rest, tired, after nearly 60 hrs of non-stop work on the case.

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#SHOUT By Vinta Nanda Is An Explosive Film On How Women Are Silenced In A Rape Culture
Vinta Nanda

Vinta Nanda speaks up about her film #SHOUT that gives a voice to women silenced in a rape culture. The film is further being shut down by vested interests who feel it has exposed too much about violence by men.

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Delhi Govt Proposes Women Only Parks… Why Are Men Getting Upset By This?!
URGENT \\ A progressive outlook towards women-only spaces

People, particularly men, in the comment section were against such a proposal as, in their opinion, it gives rise to inequality. There were comments like "RIP equality", "Feminazi parks," and so on.

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When The Gynaec Deliberately Stalled Labour Because It Was Inconvenient To Her!
#MedicalMisogyny : Of how labour was not allowed to proceed smoothly to suit the convenience of the Gynaecologist

The Gynaecologist clearly wanted to prolong the labour so she could conduct a C-section at her convenience. Medical malpractice? Maybe. But how can anyone prove it?

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Delivery Person Allegedly Molests Chennai Woman Techie: 3 Things You Can Do To Stay Safe

A delivery man is simply a total stranger, and how does anyone know if he is reliable or safe? It's better to take precautions.

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Men Who Keep Saying Not All Men… Why Do You Outrage?

I'm tired of this unsafe, non-supportive, abusive society - which is because of men. Those who claim to be 'good' men and say 'not all men' ,what are you doing about this?

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