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Asha Devi
2,590 Days Post The Horrific Nirbhaya Incident, Can We Expect Justice?

Mercy petitions by the rapists of means the hanging has been now pushed to 1st February. What will happen?

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NCRB Report Of 2018 Reveals It’s Not Just New India It’s Also Very Unsafe India

The latest NCRB report from 2018 reveals that on an average, one rape case was reported every 15 minutes in India. No country for women?

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They See Her But Don’t Hear The Screaming Inside

A girl becomes a woman by learning to navigate public spaces to ensure that she is safe from the hands that are always there, or else be caged "for her own good".

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Girl, Should You Venture Out, Alone In The Dark

With public places being perceived as increasingly unsafe, with sexual harassment making headlines every day, here are some words to pay heed to.

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For I Am But A Stranger To Her, Though We May Be Sisters From Another Life…

She steadies me and looks at me with a thousand-yard-stare that looks into my soul. Then she stands up and in front of me, protecting me with her body.

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10 Things We Can Do As Women To Make The World Safer For Us And Our Daughters

What happened to Disha in Hyderabad can happen to any of our daughters. What can we do to make the world and their lives safer for them?

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