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That Glorified Lover You See On Screen Is A Stalker!
That Glorified Lover You See On Screen Is A Stalker!

Cinema is a strong medium of mass communication, it should be careful about the message it sends out to the people. Can a deep emotion like love be imposed upon someone?

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Do You Have A Safe House To Go To If You Feel Unsafe In Your Own Home?

The arranged marriage system that sends our daughters to homes of almost strangers means that they are always vulnerable to unknown dangers.

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I Long To Walk Around In The Cool Night, But This Is No City For Womxn After Dark…

The night, the roads and the shining moon belonged to someone else. Every space in the night belonged to the Male Gender.

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‘Keeping Our Daughters Safe Has Become A Herculean Task; It Wasn’t This Bad When We Were Younger!’

The focus has to shift to the causes which make it unsafe for woman - the perpetrators and the infrastructure that are the problem.

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An Open Letter To Men From An Extremely Tired Woman Irritated By All The Patronizing

Have you ever wondered why women who are jogging in a slightly deserted park only have their headphones on in one ear?

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The Impossibility Of Just Strolling Through Delhi Streets As A Woman

Can a woman loiter in or saunter through streets of a city like Delhi? A look at applying the concept of flânerie to Indian women.

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