Shikha Poddar

Shikha Poddar a mother & entrepreneur, born and brought up in India is a versatile feminist writer who writes in Hindi and English. She is also known for curating classical music evenings and promoting the knowledge of Urdu poetry. Most of her published work involves challenging social patriarchy and yet her feminist voice is not lost in her romantic poetry.

Voice of Shikha Poddar

An Open Letter To The Men Left Behind… As Women Make Confident Strides Ahead

I just don’t agree anymore to the choices made by the world for me. If that means I walk to freedom while you stay stuck, you know what to do.

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Let Us ‘Make A Scene’ Instead Of Suffering This Quietly!

How to handle sexual harassment when we face it in what should be our 'safe spaces'? Let us not keep silent.

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tu jhoothi main makkar
Tu Jhoothi Main Makaar Reminds Us: Patriarchy Always Wins!

The hero’s family is modern, feminist and open-minded; a twist with a refreshing breather. Yet, patriarchy ruined Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar!

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If I Have No Reason To Stay In A Marriage Why Must I Wait For A Crisis Situation To Walk Out?

The signs are always there, but we refuse to give ourselves the time or courage to see and read the truth of us. We remain between being busy and lost in the comforts of our daily lives

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Does Loving You Always Have To Mean Not Loving Myself?

I very soon realised that there is nothing called an 'unhappy marriage', it's only two unhappy people in a situation. Were we already there?

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Divorced, Separated? Then Is She Available On Sale @50% Off… Respect Optional?!

Till I was someone’s wife yesterday, I was respected. Now that I am separated, things have changed in unbelievable ways and I'm considered as "asking for it", available, desperate, easy to get...

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Parents! Let’s Be Open To Talking About Sex With Daughters; About Emotions & Needs…

We miss all of this when we talk to our daughters, and only worry about teen pregnancy, protection, and lie to tell them that we had sex much later in life – the usual nonsense of an Indian Family.

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The Tinder Swindler Scammed Women – But We Still Point Fingers At Women Only!

Watching the Tinder Swindler tells me that we still put the onus only on women to keep themselves safe.

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Emotional Abuse; Is It Acceptable?

Societal reputation is one of the factors that give the abusers more control and the abused partners more reasons to be silent.

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