An Open Letter To The Men Left Behind… As Women Make Confident Strides Ahead

I just don’t agree anymore to the choices made by the world for me. If that means I walk to freedom while you stay stuck, you know what to do.

Women all across the globe have shifted their mindsets and are making huge waves.

Single women who express their wishes not to marry. Married women who are walking out from their complacent, and sometimes abusive lives. Women putting their lives on social media, being more open and expressive than ever before.

Some incidents which otherwise would have been shameful or once embarrassed women, are no longer getting the same reaction. In January 2023 the incident of the man urinating on a woman on a plane is just another reflection on not just how women are now strong enough to raise their voice and not be embarrassed, but also a reflection on how our society has made men feel so entitled as a man. We go into locked rooms and cover up with a cloth to even feed our own child but they feel no shame pulling out their dick to piss at every nook and corner or even scratch their balls in public.

Misogynists triggered by women claiming their space

I am so happy to see women pushing hard for their freedom and their choices. I try to battle for mine one day at a time. On the other hand the men spew so much hate against even the word ‘feminist’. There are opinions and expectations thrown around by men frequently, on social media, over cocktails… and not just by uneducated but educated people ;-

“That’s why girls should be married at the right age“,

“This is what happens when girls study too much”,

“This is what happens when girls get too much freedom”

Lot of disgruntled men are also calling this change a mid life crisis for women or the best I’ve heard lately – “Women now-a-days have just lost it and have gone crazy!“

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Women have simply got hold of their voice!

But the truth is simply that for the first time, women are taking steps to just be happy, voice their choices and rightfully demand to be accepted for doing what feels right for them. It is really that simple.

We have realized what makes us happy, emotionally & sexually and we have the found the strength to love ourselves and voice our desires. While men have stayed in their well of patriarchy, bound by it.

An open letter to the men left behind

I am sorry I walk away from the patriarchy of the world that binds you too. As much as I emphasize with you and hope you too find it in you to break from the conditioning of our society.

The direction I walk in is not a reflection on who you are. Its just simply that I understand me and I choose to do what makes me happy. I am not detaching myself from the world or you because I love myself too much. The resentment you feel that the hate you continue to brew isn’t for me. Just stop a moment as feel me as a human not just a women who should be selfless, nurturing and sacrificial at all times. I am a feminist, which only means being equal , it is not a term that means ‘ Man-hater”

I walk away because I just don’t agree anymore to the generations of chosen choices made by the world for me. You can also choose to do the same so we can meet again at a new horizon where we can stand equally and we both have not just the freedom but also full acceptance for the choices we make for us.

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