Who Gave Trolls The Right To Judge Deepika For DeepVeer’s Revelations On Koffee With Karan?

When Deepika and Ranveer weren't committed, she was single, ready to mingle and so was he. He has now chosen to be with her and so has she!

Koffee With Karan Season 8 premiered on Disney+Hotstar yesterday and peeps are already killing themselves trouncing the show.

As is usual, it is the woman who is getting all the brickbats for confessing on this chat about her sowing the wild oats when she was unattached.


To be young, footloose and fancy-free!

Who gives anyone the right to decide what a woman can do with her life when not in a committed relationship?

Let me disclose my cards right away saying this piece ain’t a herald for a wild child or a wilder life.

But You aren’t committed until you are sure and committed! Period!!

Because Life is already a mandated slog without the advised 70 work hours. Plus Marriage is a bigger job to ace. You gotta be absolutely certain hence!

Sure them stars are in the business of showbiz and chasing relentlessly the limelight by garnering eyeballs is the aim of every action of their carefully curated online lives. But surely at the end of the day, they are mere humans with beating hearts?

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The hate that gets unleashed does scar souls no matter how seasoned and savvy these actors are.

Especially since Deepika has been pretty candid about her struggles with mental health and anxiety and seeking professional help!

You have to see to believe the amount of vitriol that gets spewed by the SM trolls angling for viewers’ participation. One nasty poster actually admits being surprised about the massive engagement thereby leading to attractive emoluments.

These posts also reveal a deeply entrenched patriarchal society and opinions

Should he be lauded because Ranveer allows Deepika to be with her ex socially?

Allow? Is Deepika a kid?

Cinema-wise, while he can smooch away to glory with her ex’s current she has to toe the Lakshman Rekha? Truly electrifying thought dynamics.

As two consenting adults, they decide their marital rules.

Ranveer isn’t a man-child who needs to be watched over and commiserated with for his wife’s alleged dalliances before she said yes to him. She was single and ready to mingle and so was he. He has chosen to be with her and so has she!

To all the conscious keepers of the eternally crumbling social mores, the world would die but for your watchful eye, eh?

I understand. Unhappiness and fear are sold at breakneck speed and are gold for business. Collective distress is collateral damage. Peddling happiness is antediluvian and better left as an individual pursuit.

That’s that!

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