Marriages Are Made In Heaven, Endured On Earth, And Broken Over OTT

Every home where other things work well must be having a similar tug of war over what to watch... here's our story.

You see, weddings are often solemnized after comparing and contrasting the Janampatris and Natal Charts. I personally believe this practice is so yesterday. Marriages should be proceeded with once both parties undergo an OTT-Choice-Compatibility test.

Don’t agree?

Let me explain.

Diametrically opposite tastes at times…

The Resident-Husband’s general demeanour unless he is rubbed the wrong way is as gentle as a freshly set curd. So he prefers genteel romances. You got the drift. It is mostly K-Dramas.

I am the Gunturu red chilly hot Andhra Amma- So I prefer a murder or two with enough twists in the tale. Throw in a body I say, the bloodier the better!

Since dinner is the meal that we share after a hard day’s work, we prefer to plate up and plonk ourselves in front of the telly.

Now please don’t pontificate and say, ‘What about conversations? Why not the dining table? You need to connect as man and wife!’

We are connected all right on a network Family plan. After decades of marriage, even if it is a love variety, no matter how hard you try the conversations will veer towards bills and their payments. Life does that to you. Enough to induce acidity if such tough topics are discussed over already bland food. Politics is too contentious and the economy is spirit flattening. Hence OTT seems the best option.

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Then comes the battle for the remote

It starts with a K-Drama, then to a Rom-Com and we finally settle on Murder. By then the Resident Husband would have given up on Food, me and the TV, strictly in that order.

It is not that I am always selfish and hog the remote every time. I understand I have drawbacks in my pristine character and I am willing to work on my faults. So this full moon night, when we trawled Netflix for the middle ground of watching, I chanced upon a Festive Holiday collection. A whole lot of Christmassy movies. It was like hitting the bumper lottery for the man!

I selected one. Don’t ask the name. Frankly, they are all the same. A rich/middle-class blond who is stuck in a love situation with a bloke who is either too arrogant or the one who wouldn’t commit. She needs rescuing and her family prods her to improve. As she undergoes situations that teach her the true festive spirit, the man of the moment arrives and she ditches the dumber dude.

Coming back to the movie in question, it was so treacly that the husband actually asked for a tragedy/action flick and said he was off Romances for a while.

Played well, didn’t I? The mantra is ‘when you can’t beat them, join them and nub them gently into submission’!

Also, it is not as though our respective OTT choices are disjoint sets

We loved watching cricket until the World Cup Final 2023 broke our hearts and we are off cricket for now. I consume Insta Reels for mood-spotting and trends-understanding. We watch Tennis and Comedy shows on YouTube unite us.

See, in this bleak world, it is the humour that makes us go on and face every tomorrow with a bright smile.

Hence we both also connect over KJO’s latest Dettol cleansed family-view offering which is akin to rich Frat parents meeting over Mocha to discuss their brats and their scraps.

Makes us feel better that we are A-Ok!

Because we ain’t just ‘Worker’s, but are ‘Liver’s too!


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