Anupama Jain is the author of: * ’Kings Saviours & Scoundrels -Timeless Tales from Katha Sarita Sagara’, listed as one of the best books of 2022 by @Wordsopedia. Rooted in the traditional storytelling of Indian legends, warriors, mythical beings, and their splendid adventures, Kings, Saviours & Scoundrels is a melting pot of entertaining Kathas, selected from one of India's oldest classics, Somadeva's Katha Sarita Sagara. These are Eternal Tales of India, Retold for the world. * Masala Mix: Potpourri Of Shorts, a vibrant short story collection on myriad manifestations of love.  * When Padma Bani Paula, listed as ‘One of the 5 best books of 2018 – Fiction’, by It is a breezy novel about second chances of life and the importance of staying true to one's roots.  She is a co-author of 12 anthologies across genres, one of which is a LIMCA record holder as India’s first Composite Novel. Anupama has won multiple awards for her writing be it ‘The Orange Flower Awards’ for humour, or @momspresso awards for fiction, and parental blogging.  She was listed as one of the 10 Indian women bloggers, a feminist must follow, by Women's Web. She blogs at (listed in the Best Indian Blogs Directory 2018, under Topical Matters and Current Affairs). Anupama writes an award-winning satirical series at, ‘AJ Wants to Know’, taking on the quirky world around with its vagaries.  Anupama is the Founder-Admin, of 'SeniorSchoolMoms' which won the Orange Flower Award 2021, For Best Facebook Groups.  She is the Head (Content & Collaborations) at Incredible Women Of India. A community builder, a multi-awarded blogger, a closet master chef, a green thumb, and a mentor, Anupama lives in Gurugram Social Media Handles Anupama’s Author Central Page -

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Can We Blame Karan Johar For This Pan India Obsession With Karwa Chauth?

I get the faith part. But I haven’t figured out the celestial interdependence between my fasting and my husband’s well-being. In fact, if he fasted, it could do his stomach a world of good.

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An Open Letter To SRK… Bolo, Do You Agree? Warmly, From AJ

No matter where one’s fandom lies, if one saw the clip of you visiting your son in jail, the sheer dignity would have one converted to 'being yours'!

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A Mom’s Emotional Words To Her Child Who’s Going Away To College Soon

I sincerely hope that I have taught you enough to survive in this world. I worry incessantly that I haven’t, and I feel the need to protect you from every conceivable danger that awaits you.

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A Birthday Wish Granted, Finally, But…

Would it have killed her to appreciate the living me rather than pine for a dead son? Would it have mangled her soul to give me one day of my own?

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When I Overheard This Young Man Speak About The Kind Of Wife He Wants, Even In 2022…!

I told her, if we decide to take our relationship to the next level, she will have to meet mom by dressing Indian. You know what she did? She laughed uproariously and declared she would, provided I came to meet her parents in a dhoti!"

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‘Jaya Died Today’ Was The Simple, 3 Word Message I Received

Wordlessly, I packed her diaries, the scarf, emptied the room and moved away towards the airport. A hot bath was all I wanted after this strange day.

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Criticism Of Anushka’s Dilse Post On Virat’s Leaving Captaincy Is Just Another Quibble To Silence A Woman!

Unlike the earlier wives or girlfriends, Ms Sharma was already a celebrity with a huge following, before she got hitched. Why should peeps question now, when she shared her thoughts about one of the toughest times of their life?

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My Diabetes Story: After The Win Over COVID We’ve Discovered My Diabetes, But Fight Abhi Baki Hai!

Post COVID infection and treatment, the doctor discovered I had diabetes, something I thought I had escaped despite my mom having it. This World Diabetes Day, here's my diabetes story!

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Meenakshi Sundareshwar
Aiyyo! Meenakshi Sundareshwar Is Like A Violent Marriage Of Chicken Tikka Masala With Tomato Rasam

The Bollywood version of us Down-Vindhyans in Meenakshi Sundareshwar lacks the earthiness, that lived in flavour; feels more like a designer dressing up with a few exotic herbs thrown in, you know, just for the heck of it.

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If You See Her On Your Feed, Do Take A Minute To ‘Heart’ Her Pic

Roopa painstakingly went through each click, selected the best of the lot, uploaded them to her Instagram account, and waited for the hearts to pour in.

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We Salute ‘Naari Shakti’ When They Get Us Medals, But Of Course Want Only Sons Otherwise

For a nation that craves for a family name-bearing son, puts its male progeny on a pedestal, its medal hopes in the greatest sporting spectacle are pinned on its gritty daughters!

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Really, Farhan, Even You’re Romancing A Woman Half Your Age In Toofan?!

To see Farhan's character in Toofan romance a woman half his age and using the sacrifice of her character to find his mojo and redeem himself is too much!

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Haseen Dillruba Dons A Refreshing Woke Cloak To Begin With, But Then…

Watch Haseen Dillruba, take a deep breath, give a nod to Massey, missy and the unholy mess. Then move on!

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board exams cancelled
‘Board Exams Cancelled’ Didn’t Govt Learn From Same Plight In 2020? Ask Angry Board Moms

Board exams cancelled / postponed. Again. We did this in 2020 when the pandemic first struck. This lack of foresight by boards and the Govt has angered moms whose kids were to take exams this year.

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covid vaccine 2nd shot
How We’re Struggling To Get A Vaccine Appointment For My Elderly Parents Coz ‘No Stock’

I kept calling the hospital daily. What I had feared was coming true. There were no vaccines available. They wouldn’t know when the stock would arrive.

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Dear Babul Supriyo, I Am A Proud ‘Aunty’ Who Is No One’s Paraya Dhan!

Union Minister Babul Supriyo's tweet about TMC’s election campaign slogan reeked of all kinds of ageism and misogyny. Will this ever stop?

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juveniles driving
When Irresponsible Parents Let Drunk Juveniles Drive

The inebriated juveniles driving that car are majors now, migrated to different parts of the world to make their lives. This accident, which ruined my life was merely a blip for them.

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DU colleges cut-offs
‘Normalisation’ Of Marks Has Top DU Colleges Cut-Off At 100% Where Do Other Deserving Students Go?

Top colleges in Delhi University have declared cut-offs at 100% marks in the current situation in education. A mother talks about the heartbreak other deserving students go through.  

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Follow These Govt Guidelines For Home Quarantine; Take The Chance To Re-connect With Family

We should take this chance to slow down and re-connect with family. This too shall pass taking a heavy toll, but how we saw it through will make the entire difference.

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From My Mother To My Daughter, This IWD, The Shift Of Attitudes Gives Me Hope

While some people may see International Women's Day is meaningless, it is a day to remember the long distance that we as women have travelled.

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Marriage Story: A Gentle Reminder To Women To Not Let Go Of Ourselves Completely In A Marriage?

The movie Marriage Story is taking the internet by storm with its beautiful portrayal of a broken marriage. This author watched it and here are her takeaways.

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A Mother’s Open Letter To A God Who Lets Such Horrors Happen – Do You Exist At All?

Till our daughters come back safely, we are forever tracking them with GPS. When reporting every single moment is the only norm, where is the time left to live her life?

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You Are The Brand Because Being Ambitious Is Good

Painting a mental picture of where you want to be in a couple of years, career-wise and working whole-heartedly towards that goal is imperative.

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‘Being Nosey’ ain’t Being Nice’!

With these average success rates, I have developed a sense of self-belief hoping to conquer most of life’s challenges.

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I Finally Had My First Birthday Celebrations! At 27!

Because, even though I was a public persona, I had my own private demons to slay. That my birth meant my mother’s death.

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Manmadhudu #2 – The Story of A Heartbroken Man Child All Over Again

Just when you think Indian cinema is getting more woke, along comes a movie like Manmadhudu #2 that treats women as entertainment accessories.

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Yes, Bharat Is Not Oscar Material. But You Knew That Already, Didn’t You?

Lifelong vows, Shanti, Destinies separated by countries, National Anthem, banian shots and of course the sassiest Katrina Kaif. Reason enough for you to watch Bharat?

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Bobby Darling divorce
Legal Definition Of ‘Woman’: Will Bobby’s Divorce Petition Be A Catalyst For An Inclusive One?

As a trans woman, Bobby's divorce and alimony petition challenges the legal definition of the word 'woman'. Will ruling on this give the SC a chance to make it more inclusive?

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25 Years On, A New Film Explores Lorena Bobbitt’s Story, This Time With The Empathy It Needs

25 years ago, the media covered the Lorena Bobbitt case insensitively, with little empathy for a victim of domestic abuse. How much have things changed today? A new docu-series on Lorena forces us to reflect. 

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Malaika Arora Talks About Her Divorce: We Need This Openness In India

Recently, actor Malaika Arora opened up on about her reasons to separate from ex-husband Arbaaz Khan; the new candour about divorce is refreshing in this country which still prides itself on couples staying together at all costs.

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Sita Writes A Poem For Valentine’s Day…

What if Sita described her own love story to us? Would it just be the story of her love for Ram, or would it surprise you? Would it be the story of everywoman? 

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Dear Men In Our Lives, Please Just LISTEN To Us – Take This Hint From Rajkummar Rao

"What do women want?" is a question many men have. Simple. Just listen to us when we speak (like Rajkummar Rao said he would) instead of jumping in with your 'solutions', and you'll know.

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Watch: Nandita Das Tells Us, “This Is Not A Time To Be Silent”

When faced with terrible crimes such as the lynching of those belonging to minority groups, why do we fall into a 'collective silence'? Nandita Das tells us why we need to speak, more than ever.

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Dominos Effect: The Phone Call That Set Off An Accident

Sometimes, life hits you in strange ways, and you can't make head or tail of it. Is there a domino effect behind this thing we call daily life?

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Rahul Gandhi, Your Sexism Is Showing. The “Be A Man” Insult Is So Yesterday

The sexist narratives just don’t change, do they? The faces keep changing but the thoughtless and irresponsible words continue to emanate from politicians across parties. 

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“Zero Is The Entertainment Value I Found…” | Zero Movie Review

Should you spend your money on watching Zero? Well, that depends on whether or not you have a taste for CGI fuelled non-stories where everyone is walking away from everyone else. 

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What I Learnt From 2018 And Its Big Fat Indian Weddings

Khem Cho? MajaMa? Thank God 2018 is coming to an end. No more big fat Indian weddings or load shedding to look forward to!

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Magnificent Mary Kom
“I am Still Dreaming,” Says Magnificent Mary Kom After Her 6th Gold In Boxing At 35

Mary Kom has set the bar high once again by winning her 6th gold at 35, against a 22 year old opponent - a huge thing in competitive sports. She is truly Magnificent Mary!

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What Katrina Knows About Item Songs That The Rest Of Us Don’t?

Why does every Katrina Kaif movie have that almost identical item song? Why is this major star not breaking this mould and thereby getting slotted? Is there a method here that the rest of us haven’t understood?

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Ayushmann Khurana’s Obvious Love For Wife Tahira Kashyap Gives Us Relationship Goals

Ayushmann Khurana's putting up of a loving couples picture and speaking openly about his pain over wife Tahira Kashyap's breast cancer is inspiring. Especially in #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.

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‘Dhanda’ Matters, Not Women’s Safety, The Vikas Bahl & Phantom Episode Shows Clearly

Anurag Kashyap and Co's company Phantom Films was dissolved recently, as firing partner Vikas Bahl for misconduct was not a clause included in their partnership contract. What does it say about how we prioritise 'business' over women?

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Why Did Utsav Think It Was Cool To Harass Women? Cos Other ‘Woke’ Bros Kept Quiet?

The recent allegations against comedian Utsav Chakraborty reveal the true colours of 'Woke' men who pretend to be champions of women's rights. And other men enable them by staying quiet.

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Movie Review: Manmarziyaan Feels Like Chocolate Sauce On Butterscotch

With a terrific ensemble of cast, Manmarziyaan is a messy tale of a tech savvy generation and their love tangles, writes Anupama Jain. 

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My Son & Daughter Make Raksha Bandhan Special – In Their Quirky Way!

Raksha Bandhan is a huge deal on my husband’s side of the family. Where I come from, we are slowly making it our own. Here's how. 

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Sanju, A Clever Movie On An Eternal Man-Child, But Does It Work? Find Out!

What exactly is the point of Sanju (besides watching Ranbir Kapoor do a fabulous job)? The movie aims to promote #TheKingOfWrongChoices and succeeds...almost. 

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Why Online Mommy Groups Are Today The ‘Extended Family’ Moms Everywhere Depend On

Moms everywhere today depend on online mommy groups for the sisterhood support they need in a world where the family or 'village' might not be available.

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I Am Just A Mom. Just A Human Being Trying To Do My Best

Let's stop with the deification of moms, shall we? This is for all of you saturated with the glut of saccharine Mother's Day forwards.

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agree to disagree
Can We Agree To Disagree With Those Whose Opinions And Beliefs Don’t Match Ours?

So much of intolerance and anger in the world nowadays, with trolling and threats. We might be different, diverse, but we should agree to disagree. 

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Unnao, Kathua, Sri Reddy…A Common Thread Of Abuse…

The many shocking incidents that have emerged in recent times, are testimony both to the way rape is used as a tool, and to the apathy of ordinary citizens like us.

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No-More! This Sexist Behaviour In the Name Of ‘Joking’ Isn’t Acceptable!

A lot of sexist behaviour is camouflaged as 'just joking'. It's time we called it for what it is!

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A Women’s Day 2018 Reminder: Push Us Down, But We Are Still Standing…

On Women's Day 2018, we take stock and see just how much misogyny still exists - yet, don't forget, despite all the odds, we are still rising here!

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Sridevi's death
Can’t We Let Sridevi’s Soul Rest In Peace, Instead Of Shredding It To Pieces?

Sridevi's death has led to relentless speculations regarding her lifestyle and health. Can't we offer a bit more grace and dignity to the departed soul?

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A Valentine Appeal #Poetry #LoveNotHate

"When a humorless nation forgets to take a chill pill and gets ruffled at the drop of a hat! - let’s pick our battles, shall we?"

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When Padma Met Padmavati [#Shortlisted]

So many years have passed and so much blood has been shed yet we women continue to worry about our security. Why haven’t the men been taught to respect our independence?

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late pregnancy
Going In For A Late Pregnancy? You Are Not Alone – Here Are Inspiring Stories Of Indian Women Like You

As more women have careers, they are empowered to take decisions about their lives and bodies, and a late pregnancy is inevitable. What are their stories?  

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Rukma And Kuldeep: A Mother’s Story

When the violence of toxic masculinity gets unbearable in one family, what can a mother do? What does this mother do? Read this surprising short story.

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Aadhaar card
As An Indian Woman, Here’s How My Aadhaar Card Could Put Me In Very Real Danger

The Aadhaar card can be more sinister for women than we realise, because we are already marginalised. Want to find out how? Read on.

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Grateful To Be Alive & Determined To Make 2018 Count, With These Resolutions!

2017 is about to wind up and we stare at yet another happening year. What are your goals and resolutions for 2018?

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Ancient Padmavati To Aaj Ki Padma: What’s Changed For Us Indian Women?

From 'those days' when queens killed themselves for the sake of honour, what has changed for Indian women? These incidents tell us: Not Enough.

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From A Child’s Murder To The Attack On An Airline Passenger, Is Truth The Casualty?

On 8th November, a number of shocking events occurred, making news that all of us have an opinion on. But do we really know the truth?

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marriage gone stale
A Soliloquy

#Poetry. Harmony, or a marriage gone stale? What do you make of this kind of humdrum existence that the poet describes succinctly, in such few words?

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The Vizag Rape Shows Our Voyeurism And Apathy To Women As Human Beings

The recent rape in public in Vizag illustrated how apathetic we are to violence against women. But voyeurism occurs in many other ways too.

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The Elphinstone Tragedy Needs Consistent Response, Not Knee-jerk Reaction

As citizens of a democracy, it is is also on us to demand consistent response and effective action from our governments, rather than knee-jerk reaction.

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From Hounding Grieving Mothers To Raging Over A Slap Bet, Can We Take A Minute And Reflect?

A spate of recent incidents to do with children - ranging from a ghastly murder to a slap bet gone viral has got us all talking. But can we aim for some compassion as well?

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VDay – The D Day Conference [#ShortStory]

They were stupendous and they could make their own destiny! They didn’t need anyone else to do it for them. Their happiness lay in their hands.

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Bareilly Ki Barfi Is A Sure-Shot Winner With A Gutsy Heroine And Interesting Parents

Bareilly Ki Barfi may not have big budgets; what it has is terrific writing and scintillating performances that draw you in.

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Mine [#ShortStory]

Should I be the one, always adjusting and conforming to what is ‘Kosher’? Why can’t I be accepted and left alone? I am neither abnormal nor abominable. I just am!

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When Harry Met Sejal, Danced Across Europe And Made Me Wash My Mouth Out

Jab Harry Met Sejal is truly...Something. Here's a sneak peek at how the movie (possibly) came about.

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Amma & Priyamvada: The Two Faces Of A Woman [#ShortStory]

This short story about Amma, erstwhile movie star, teaches us to look before we judge. Read on.

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Siya the bride
Will Siya The Bride Be Another Sita? [#ShortStory]

The gang forced all the occupants to come out of the Maruti at gun-point and immediately their attention fell on the sparkling new bride.

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N.E.W.S. Is Now Just Sensational News, Where Sonu Nigam’s Angst > Unemployment Crisis

Why are we all happy clamouring over sensational news (like Sonu Nigam quitting Twitter), while issues such as our country's looming unemployment crisis remain under the radar?

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Before Mother’s Day, Take A Minute To Salute These Mothers Facing Tough Lives

As we come to Mother's Day, this beautiful post urges you to remember the mothers to whom life has not been kind. Spare a moment.

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How Can Boys Express Their Feelings Safely If We Keep Telling Them That Boys Don’t Cry?

We bring up boys telling them they can't cry, and deny them a natural outlet for their softer emotions. How, then, can they express their feelings safely?

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On LoudSpeaking: Why Has Religion Become More Sacred Than God?

Why are mosques and temples competing to have the biggest loudspeakers and inundate us with noise? We live in times where we are all set to react; and loudly!

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