We’re Planning To Binge On These 6 Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids – You?

Searching for some great Christmas movies to watch with kids these holidays? These from our collection are some of the best I have watched.

Searching for some great Christmas movies to watch with kids these holidays? These from our collection are some of the best I have watched.

With Christmas around the corner, December is a perfect blend for celebration and happiness. Kids are at home, and holidays give you a chance to spend quality time with your kiddos.

My idea of celebrating Christmas and welcoming a new year is to cook warm and yummy food for my loved ones, reading together, and not to mention, watching movies.

Every year I chalk out some of the best Christmas movies to watch with kids for some great time together. Here, I have mentioned 6 such wonderful movies that we are completely in love with, hope you love them too.

So what are these Christmas movies to watch with kids?

Frozen 1 and 2

Frozen is on the top of the list because my two little daughters are crazy about this movie. So crazy that they have Frozen accessories, from the slipper to the blanket. The movies are the highest grossers of all time and embarked on a new standard among other animation movies.

The movie tells a magical tale about two sisters Elsa and Anna, their unbreakable bond, and unconditional love towards each other.

Frozen 1 takes you to the life of both sisters, one with mysterious magical powers and another one a happy go, lucky girl. Accidentally, Elsa almost turns the kingdom of Arendelle into ice, unable to control her powers. Anna with her accidental friend Kristoff sets a long journey to bring back Elsa and make things right, and in the process, she is willing to put her life on stake.

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Frozen 2, one the other hand, is a journey in search of past, their roots! Elsa unknowingly unwinds the doors to the kingdom called Northuldra far away from Arendelle. The sisters set out to find the truth behind the unknown calling along with their friend Kristoff and his reindeer and of course the snowman, Olaf. On the journey of seeking the truth, they learn the biggest lesson of life: “When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.”

One best thing that the movie changes about our notion of fairy tales – A princess no longer waits for her prince charming to her rescue!

The Christmas Carol

The movie is based on Charles Dickens’s famous book A Christmas Carol. If you are opting to watch the movie rather than reading the book, then the 1938 version would be the best option.

The story revolves around an elderly person named Scrooge, a miser, who lived his life on his terms without thinking about others. However, on a Christmas eve, three spirit visits him, and his life is a changed one. Even though I recommend the book over the movie, but if left with no choice, watch it without regret!

Miracle on 34th street

I am a big fan of the 1947 version of this movie, thereafter the movie was made in 1973 and 1994. The entire plot is as warm and beautiful as reading a book.

The movie revolves around Susan, a little girl, who was raised not to believe in Santa Claus. And yes, she never believes that Santa does exist, until, she met Kris, that Christmas. She then started firmly believing that Kris is none other than Santa Claus. Is Kris a real Santa? Do you believe in Santa Claus are the question yet to be answered!

So, this December, during Christmas eve, cuddle your kids and sneak under the blanket to watch this beautiful movie and believe in a miracle. Christmas is the time when the miracle does happen, so, believe in a miracle!

Home Alone

Both my daughters are a huge fan of this movie, one of our favourite Christmas movies to watch with kids.

Every child’s secret wish and every parent’s worst nightmare is the same- an unsupervised child! The movie becomes a laughter riot when 8-year-old Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin was left behind (mistakenly) by his parent who flies to Paris for their Christmas vacation. Within no time, the little kiddo realizes that he is in the company of two burglars who broke into the house. What happens next is the entire movie and don’t worry, the kid beats the pulp out of the burglars.

The movie gained a massive fan base across the globe and the makers came out with a successful franchise adding four more into their kit.

Watch it with your kids this Christmas and give them a laughter coaster!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I particularly love the remake version, and the reason is simple- the unapologetically talented- Jim Carrey! Dr.Seuss had molded a perfect troublemaker yet funniest character ever- Grinch! In the town of Whoville, Christmas is a big deal in everyone’s life. However, Grinch has some resentment towards the Christmas celebration and creates trouble in the life of others by stealing their feast, gifts, and goodies.

Who would tame Mr. Grinch?

How the troublemaker turns into a cuddly loving creature is something worth a watch! Jim Carrey and his funny looking face portrayed the character to its extreme perfection!

The list can go on…Get started with these 6 Christmas movies to watch with kids, and I bet you won’t be disappointed! Do comment if you like it and also share your idea of celebrating Christmas and welcoming the new year.

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