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That Sound From The Neighbours Could Be Domestic Violence; Knock The Door

Posted: May 13, 2020

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A timely knock on the door can save a life, save a woman or girl from violence. Let them know someone is watching.

Closed doors muffled moans,
Don’t ignore if you land on..
May be it’s next door
Down the street, or your own
A child with tears, a girl with bruises
Woman hiding her pain inside a draped veil
Don’t be a bystander, just knock the door
Let her know, someone is watching
She’s not alone, anymore
Not every tears are to be drunk, no bones needed to be broken!

Closed doors muffled moans
Don’t ignore if you land on..
Break the fear that kept you shackled all these years
It’s now or never, better to hear
What if the cries are from far across?
Are you waiting for the moans to hit your door?
Go ahead and knock the door, don’t shy
It’s a sorry, if nothing,
Otherwise you saved a life
It can be a child, girl or a woman who fought hard to survive!!
Just go on and knock the door…

Image source: shutterstock

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