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Sheeba Vinay is a writer, Compiler by profession. She is criminologist and a writing therapist. Her write-ups have been published in Lokmat Times, TOI and various platforms like Women's Web, Momspresso, Storymirror, India Imagine and SHEROES. She was in the top five "Most Promising Blogger" in Orangefloweraward2020, Women's Web and won Literoma Samman 2020. Sheeba Vinay is the founder of WeTalk, a writing community for budding writers and author of Children's ebook with Storyweaver, Pratham Publication. She has compiled 5 books including anthologies available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Flipkart for sale. Connect with her - [email protected]

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Post Pandemic, 5 Signs Of Mental Health Issues In School Kids We Need To Be Alert For

During puberty, your child may go through emotional changes ranging from strong to intense. It is very common for the child to feel overwhelmed by sudden mood swings.

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Dear Mother-In-Law, Do I Hate You Because I Was Taught To Fear And Resent You?

Dear MIL, I can never love you even if I try, but not because I was born that way. It is because I was raised this way - taught to hate and fear you!

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Lockdown With Toddler – Don’t Try Too Hard

Lockdown is stressful, and if you are a mother to a toddler locked inside four walls of your home, then one can only imagine. But there are few ways mothers can handle their toddlers.

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domestic violence during lockdown
Is Lockdown The Real Culprit Or Is Violence Against A Wife Or Kids Just So ‘Normal’?

Violence cases in families have risen since the lockdown came into effect, with the survivors stuck with their abusers in homes. Why?

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That Sound From The Neighbours Could Be Domestic Violence; Knock The Door

A timely knock on the door can save a life, save a woman or girl from violence. Let them know someone is watching.

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8 Noted Female Indian Authors Who Fought Patriarchy Through Their Writing

These fearless female Indian authors refused to let the patriarchy drown their voices. Have you read them yet?

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5 Critical Mistakes People Made (And Are Still Making) In These Early Days Of Lockdown

There are things we should have done, as citizens, when we were called upon to be responsible for our and others' safety, but we didn't. 

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5 Gifts To Help You Raise A Child Who Is A Responsible Citizen

People say that parenting is tough. Yes, it is! However, these are five gifts that will help your child to become a better citizen for a better future. 

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6 Ways Parents Can Ensure That They Raise A Generation That Is Not Misogynist

Behind every instance of gender discrimination, there is a society that was raised on misogynist thought, and we parents are undeniably a part of it.

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Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Hurt Too – How To Deal With Bullying At School

Being called names in school by anyone is one of the worst things to happen to anyone. This No Name-calling Week, spread some happiness instead!

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Being Nominated For Two Categories In Orange Flower Awards thrived the budding writer and gave me a new identity.

I have been nominated for Women’s Web Orange Flower Awards for two categories- Promising New Blogger and Social impact. Can’s be thankful enough! I stared at my phone for a long 15 minute unable to believe my eyes. I jumped on my feet and started dancing. My kids looked at me apprehensively, and my little […]

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Let Me Be, This Is Who I am

Recognize your strength, fight back the patriarchy, misogyny and the fear of unknown. Don’t get cowed down by the muscle strength. You are more!

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Christmas movies to watch with kids
We’re Planning To Binge On These 6 Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids – You?

Searching for some great Christmas movies to watch with kids these holidays? These from our collection are some of the best I have watched.

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Walayar sisters
Sexual Assault And Death Of 2 Minor Sisters In Walayar, Kerala – Who Is Responsible?

Two sisters from Walayar, Kerala, 13 and 9 years old, were found hanging in their home in a space of 2 months, both showing signs of long time sexual assault. Who is responsible?

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Alzheimer's day
Alzheimer’s Day: Break The Stigma That Surrounds Dementia!

21st September, World Alzheimer’s day 2019 theme: Focus on stigma and break the stereotypes that surround the diagnosis of dementia.

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5 Simple Tips To Be A Financially Independent Homemaker

It is mandatory for women, particularly homemaker, to save some money for their own. Be prepared for the future; you never know what is stored in there for you- good, bad, or the ugly no matter-be prepared!

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30th June, World Social Media Day: Let’s Pledge To Stay Safe While We Explore The World

30th June is World Social Media Day, a good day to reflect on how safe we really are (and our kids are) when we share personal info on social media.

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If You Have Nothing To Do This Summer – Just Read!

All about reading is that it makes you realize what you are and what you want

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4 Important Steps To Stop Exam Fever From Taking Over Your Child’s Mind

Exam fever is a very real thing, and its effects can range from anxiety to depression, panic attacks, and in some tragic cases, students ending their own lives. It's time to have an honest conversation. 

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5 Foolproof Tips To Inculcate Love Of Books In Your Kids: March Was Book Reading Month

March is celebrated in the US as National Book Reading month, in honour of Dr Seuss. Here are 5 tips for parents who ask - how to get kids to read?

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Five Books That I Passed On To My Daughters, Now Its Your Turn!

This International Children's Book Day, let's start the most amazing habit we can inculcate into our kids-Reading!

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By The Women, For the Women – An Impressive Women Empowerment Project

Reaching out maximum families through women, and community through family, ultimately leading a better state is the goal of Kudumbashree.

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rural women
If We’re Having A Women’s Day, Then Our Rural Sisters Deserve To Celebrate Too!

The focus of Women's day often remains on just the urban women we see around us. What about our rural counterparts? Surely they deserve a piece of this recognition too?

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