Let Me Be, This Is Who I am

Posted: January 6, 2020

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Let me be, this is me.

I am born a female, let it be

Don’t kill me in the womb,

Do I deserve to be?

Let me learn, thrive and fly

Don’t cut my wings to fix it on my sibling brother

Remember, my life is not for philanthropic deeds!

Let me be, this is me

I may be a geek, a fashionista, a narrow minded or a happy go

I may not always drape a sari for the societal convenience though

Don’t judge based on my attire, caste, creed, color, and body.

I may be ambitious, or just want to raise my kids,

It is my choice, no opinion, please.

Coming late from office, parties,

It is my option

That doesn’t give anyone the right to stalk or rape

Yet, if you baffle that it’s all my fault

I know my sisters who were raped within their four walls.

Let me be, this is me

Married I am life doesn’t end here

I need a partner, not a master to enslave me

Give me my rights

I have already given yours

Gave your name to my kids unconditionally

Despite the hour’s long labour pain

Don’t clutch me, don’t force

I won’t take it, I affirm.

I am not a Sita anymore, nor a Draupadi

I know how to fight back

Let me be, this is me

I gave you birth, fed you and nurtured

Taught you how to walk, and to read

Ushered you to the path, till you find your way

Son, don’t despise me when I am old.

Nor consider me your kids’ nanny!

The man in you is the one I brought up,

Believe me, when I say, don’t dare to

Let me be, this is me

A mother, sister, wife, daughter, lover or a friend

Mould me with love and I will be yours forever

I don’t expect you to protect me,

Just make it safe for us to walk on the roads, office, schools or at home

That’s all you need to do

Listen, don’t think about harming one more,

Don’t take my patience for weakness

I am a woman, created the universe through my womb

Destructive I came be, to what extent you can never fathom!

Note: Ode to all the women out there!

Recognize your strength, fight back the patriarchy, misogyny and the fear of unknown. Don’t get cowed down by the muscle strength. You are more!

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