Lockdown With Toddler – Don’t Try Too Hard

Lockdown is stressful, and if you are a mother to a toddler locked inside four walls of your home, then one can only imagine. But there are few ways mothers can handle their toddlers.

Lockdown is stressful, and if you are a mother to a toddler locked inside four walls of your home, then one can only imagine. But there are few ways mothers can handle their toddlers.

Deprived of the outside world, limited access to amenities, errands to shopping malls and parks and playgroups are forbidden. What could be more nightmare for a new mom who believes in ” it takes a village to raise a kid” philosophy?

Ok, let’s face it. The situation is kinda out of control but there are few ways mothers can handle their toddlers, not only like a pro to cope up with the situation but creating a beautiful bond during this situation.

Don’t panic concerning health

Most mothers are concerned with the unavailability of pedestrians and the giant task to take your kid to hospital amid lockdown. New mothers are particularly taking tremendous stress. What if the kid caught a cold? What if my kid vomits at night? What about vaccination? Never-ending thoughts…however, the mantra is to think less and keep a tab on basic things such as…

  • Try to keep your home clean and comfortable for your toddler to move around.
  • Take care of their immunity, but remember overfeeding is not a solution.
  • Not run to pedestrians every now and then, instead take a list of basic medical advice. Keep your paediatrician number in handy.
  • No matter what, minimal outside contact is advisable.
  • Try not to panic on every single sneeze and cough!

Avoid overdoing to make them engaged

I was flabbergasted when my three-year-old received an invitation for online classes from school. It is inevitable that 2020 has thrown some hurdles on us. A year cut off from school is going to be one among them. However, there is no need to push your child particularly toddler into the entire process of online classes. Let them take their own time to relax, adjust, and move on. that makes…

  • No forced online classes
  • No extracurricular activities for below 4 years.
  • No gadget to kill time or to adjust your routine.

My three-year-old was too clumsy towards online classes, she started panicking looking at teachers and other kids on the laptop screen. I completely stood against the idea.

Spend some quality time, which means undivided attention!

Without any doubt, mothers are struggling to cope up with the time. Kids, household routines and work from home are making it worse. To maintain a toddler can be a hurricane task. However, toddlers seldom realize your problems. They need undivided attention no matter what. And we can blame them. Whilst all you need to spare some time ensuring undivided attention. Which means…

  • No cell phones while spending time with your child.
  • No work-related thoughts in between.
  • Don’t get torn between your kid and other members of the house. Ask them to wait!
  • Make eye contact while communicating with the child.

One of the best ways to develop a mother-child bonding is to indulge in playtime and reading time. Like any other routine, both are important factors that pave the way for developing cognitive and speech development in kids. Avoid cellphones, video games, and other gadgets during playtime. Instead, creatively mould the child into fun and learning.

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No COVID related talks in front of the child

In fact, in the past few months, there is an increase in negativity and obscurity in every home. Which has drastically increased by 35% after lockdown emerged? Suicide, death rate, mental illness talks are surging as every household talk. But seldom we notice two little ears all over us. Not until my three years old started panicking on stepping out of the house. I realized the blunder. Avoid hammering every now and then ” wash your hands”, “sanitize your toys ” instead of making it a routine habit without even mentioning the word COVID!

Do Kids suffer from depression and stress?

We relate metal illness, depression, stress and anxiety with adulthood. But sadly the plight isn’t different for children. One on every 10 children faces depression, anxiety, or other forms of the disorder. There is an utmost need to keep a tab on the mental health of your child.

The child is too low and gloomy, complaining a lot about physical pain like stomach ache, sleeping issues and unnecessary attention-seeking can likely signal.

In such cases, it would be a better option to seek professional help. Professional counsellors and psychologists are available online amid this ongoing situation. Take help.

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