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Life as a parent
A Mother Is Not Always A Blessing But There Is Always A Way To Heal

I had made a silent pledge to be the best parent in the world to my kid, even before she was born. To learn lessons from what my parents did wrong and never to repeat it. But today I proved myself wrong.

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Beware! Your Anger Might Be Negatively Impacting Your Child And Their Emotional Well-Being

Discipling a toddler may not be the easiest thing in the world. However, using anger to do so will only hurt them emotionally, as this mom learnt. 

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Do We Express Enough Appreciation For The Resilience Of Our Kids In Lockdown?

We should acknowledge that our kids are going through much worse than us in the lockdown, and do all we can as parents to make things easier on them.

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7 Ways In Which I’m Raising A Responsible, Feminist Son Who Respects Women

Men are finally doing their share of housework but we're still a long way from gender equality. Thus, I am raising my son to be responsible with these 7 ways. 

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I Want My Children To Be ‘Nice Guys’ Who Aren’t Afraid To Do The Right Thing

Are we as a society completely off track when it comes to parenting? I want my children to be ‘nice guys’, but isn't it my responsibility to ensure my parenting leads them there?

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Board Exams, & Now Entrance Exams Postponed: 4 Moms Give Tips On How They Deal With This
exams postponed

Board exams, entrance exams - are both milestone examinations students take; having exams postponed is stressful for them and their parents. But - it's a small price to pay to be safe.

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