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What We Hide From Our Kids As Indian Parents Could Fill A Book!

Unparenting is a brave much needed offering for Indian parents who still focus on academics, obedience, and believing in an age hierarchy.

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‘The Sex Book’ by Leeza Mangaldas — Unpacking Lust, Lube, And So Much More

Leeza Mangaldas confesses that her attitude towards sex and sexuality was enabled by supportive parents who were open and honest on the subject, always entertaining her questions. In the Indian context, this is rare, even today.

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Lalita’s instincts were now prickling, and she knew it. In all of sixteen years, she had never seen this look in her daughter’s eyes.

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How I Found My Comfort In The Simple Ritual Of Drinking Green Tea

a physical, mental and emotional load, taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves is an act of kindness to the self.

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what will people say
‘What Will People Say’ Is About South Asian Parents’ Need For Control Over Their Daughters

As long as patriarchal families make 'log kya kahenge' their mantra to control women's lives and bodies, there will be horror stories like Norway's foreign language entry to the Oscars, What Will People Say.

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sex toys
Fantastic Sex Toys And Where To Find Them

How to play in bed and win: Here’s our quick guide on how to get over your inhibitions and experiment with sex toys. 

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Grihalakshmi Message On Breastfeeding
Why I’m Not Entirely Impressed With The Grihalakshmi Message On Breastfeeding

There's a lot of brouhaha over Grihalakshmi magazine's breastfeeding image, but is it what we SHOULD be focusing on? This author reflects.

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Learning To Go With The Flow As A Woman

A funny look at the sexism of period pain. Periods, for me, meant cramps and pain. But, as my mother said, as a woman I was "supposed to to get used to going with the flow."  

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