5 Functional Steps To Creating A Routine For Toddlers

Why does your baby need a daily schedule? Here are 5 functional steps to creating a routine for toddlers that Indian parents should know!

Why should babies need a daily schedule? Well, here 5 functional steps to creating a routine for toddlers.

Isn’t it insane how fast babies grow? It breaks my heart to see how day by day my little one outgrowing my lap, every single day!

One minute you’re there changing their nappies and then in the blink of an eye they are just ready to run from one corner of the house to the other!

What is the need of a routine for toddlers?

Being a first-time mom, I learnt a lot of things along the way which experienced mothers already know. So it wasn’t until those playful nights turned into dreary sleepless ones when it dawned on me that my baby needs a bedtime ROUTINE!

Moreover, it was getting increasingly difficult managing a baby who wouldn’t stay in one place and, resultantly, depriving me of my “Me time” — and me and my husband of our private space. Not only that,  in order for me to ensure her growth and development, I needed to put her in a systematic schedule.

Baby needs routine

My daughter, who is now a toddler, has been following a regime with minor alterations since quite a while now.

And believe me, it has also been super beneficial for me — as now her meals are timely spaced out, and I am able to monitor her sleep and accordingly plan other activities.

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How to set a routine for toddlers that can be followed easily?

5 Functional Steps To Creating Routine For Toddlers

In order to plan a routine, first observe the needs of your child — how many feedings he/she needs per day, how many hours of sleep would she require or if you are a working mom, then you could plan her day as per your busy hours.

Here is how I did it!

Ascertained her sleep schedule

I observed her sleeping patterns and how many naps she was taking during the day, and accordingly set her bedtime routine. So, I planned it in reverse order — by first fixing her bedtime. I ensure that she is well-fed so that she has a peaceful and seamless sleep.

It is important that a child gets good sleep as it ensures overall health, development and well-being of a baby.

Thus, whenever she’s drowsy, make sure that you create a sleeping environment for her.

Time her meals

This is extremely crucial to do because as a child grows, we need to keep adding different elements to their diet because nutritional requirements keep changing. For example, I have incorporated fruits in my toddler’s regimen and have assigned a specific time when she will be having them.

This helps me give her a variety of seasonal fruits every day, and she also loves trying new flavours and palates.

Her time outside amidst nature

This is truly her MOST FAVOURITE part of the day. Ever since she was little, nature walks have been our everyday thing. Gradually now she has started enjoying it enjoys and moreover craves to get outdoors.

Initially, I used to walk her in the pram but as she has started walking independently, I take her to the playground where she sees flowers, birds, plants, trees, butterflies — and believe me children just grow up different when they’re close to nature.

So, my advice is to ensure that they have their time with nature, plants, trees and animals.

Time with kin or friends

If you have a joint family, try to incorporate family time for the baby where she is spending time with other family members, say grandparents or other relatives.

This is good not just for the baby, as the baby develops social skills and learns to be interactive with others than just her mother or father. This will also give you some time off the baby as you can focus on other things or maybe just relax.

Dear Moms, I hope these tips prove useful to you and do share any ideas which have been missed here!

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