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Dear Son, No Matter What It Takes, You Will Bear My Maiden Surname!

Since his birth, I have single-handedly taken care of my son. Today, I fight to give him my maiden last name so he carries my legacy forward!

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‘Girls Are NOT Your Property’ And 6 Other Lessons I Want My Son To Learn

With the boys locker room incident coming to light, there are a number of things I want my son to know. However, here are seven most important ones.

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What Your Daughter Is NOT (How To Be A 21st Century Man Part-5)

Your daughter is a person in her own right, not paraya than or a liability. Treat her with respect and love.

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10 Things You Can Do If Your Kids Are Fearing The End Of The World During The Lockdown

With news of extension of the lockdown, children fearing the worst outcomes is quite natural. However, here are 10 things you can do to curb the fear.

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These Inspiring Parents Show Us Divorced Couples Can Raise Kids Together Too!
challenges of co-parenting

What happens to the child when a couple breaks up? How do Indian parents manage the challenges of co-parenting when they do it successfully? 3 ex-couples show us the way.

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‘You Will Know When You Become A Parent’ I Shouldn’t Have Said That Dreaded Sentence To My Son

It was as if it were pre-installed in the database. It felt like it were programmed in a manner that it knew when to pop out my mouth. I was stunned.

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