4 Interesting Ways The Netflix Series Sacred Games Is Similar To Parenting

Don't believe what I say in the title above, and feel I'm talking nonsense? Read on.

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We’ve Begun To Tell Our Simrans “Jaa Ji Le Apni Zindagi”, But What About Raj?

While empowering our daughters is good, even critical, what about our sons? If gender equal generations are to be future citizens, this is necessary.

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Worried That You Might Be A Helicopter Mom? Then Read My Story
helicopter mom

Having doubts as a parent, in an environment changing so fast, is natural. But how do you know if you're doing what it takes?

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5 Tips To Help Your Daughter Grow Up Into A Confident Woman

While fighting patriarchy, we also need to teach girls to be independent. Here are five tips that will help you raise a strong, confident, independent girl.

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Enjoy Being A Mother, Don’t Let The Patriarchal Society Tell You How!

Being a mother is a different experience for everyone. However, it is a boon and not a burden. It is an experience to be enjoyed and not despised.

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Tell me what? Women Reveal One Piece Of Advice They Wouldn’t Give Their Daughters
mother reveal one thing

Did your parents impose several rules upon you? Or did they let you grow up on your own terms? Here’s some mothers revealing what they wouldn’t tell their daughters.

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