Monica Yelkur

I am an egalitarian and strive to see it around me as much as possible. I am an avid reader, a passionate writer and an ardent fan of English language. I like to observe things around me and they somehow connect with one another and make my life and my goals clearer to me.

Voice of Monica Yelkur

Why am I a happy parent to a single child?
If I Am Happy Being Parent To A Single Child, Why Does Society Have A Problem

These are the reasons that I don't feel the need to have more children, and I am happy being a parent to a single child.

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5 Things To Do Before Entering Arranged Marriage
5 Things To Do Before Entering An Arranged Marriage

Are you getting hitched with someone your parents chose? Here are 5 things to do before entering an arranged marriage in India.

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A woman staring at another woman.
Are You Offended When Someone Calls You Aunty? Here’s Why I Am Not!

Most of us dislike being called aunty because of the problematic meanings attached to it. But isn't it time we accept growing old with grace?

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I Love My Baby Dearly, But My First Few Days As A New Mom Were A Nightmare For 9 Reasons

As a new mother, only my mom was my support, no-one else. Even my feelings were invalidated, almost making me invisible as a person. 

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moms are people too
Why Should We Teach Our Moms To Be Selfish? Because Moms Are People Too!

Let us recognize that moms are people too, and have a right to their downtime, no matter what the ideal of the MAA has taught you!

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gaining weight
Why Should My Gaining Weight Bother Anyone Else If I Find It To My Advantage?

Gaining weight has always been considered a problem for women in a society that stereotypes them, but I've found that it is good for me in so many ways!

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Why Sai Pallavi’s Whitewashing In The Telugu Version Of Preram Worries Me

When the world is fighting stereotypes and redefining the meaning of beauty, the Telugu version of Malayalam super-hit movie Premam takes a step backwards.  Sai Pallavi is well-known in Malayalam cinema for going makeup free in her movies. Hardly a couple of movies old, she is creating ripples in South India. She nonchalantly displays her […]

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What A Dupatta Does And Doesn’t Do For (Nope, ‘Family Honour’ Not Included)

What a dupatta does for a woman can range from acting as a cape to helping your kid tag along, but no, it doesn't protect your 'honour' or that of your family's.

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What’s With Indian Men And Their Obsession About Having Only A Sanskari Woman As A Wife?

A girlfriend can be a fun person, but when it comes to choosing a wife, Indian men want only a sanskari woman! Aren't these double standards?

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Why Can’t The Modern Woman Be Both Bold And Nurturing? Why Stereotype Her?

Misunderstanding feminism leads to all sorts of problems for modern women, breeding more stereotypes in the minds of those who take offence to 'feminism'.

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