If I Am Happy Being Parent To A Single Child, Why Does Society Have A Problem

These are the reasons that I don't feel the need to have more children, and I am happy being a parent to a single child.

In the operation theatre when the doctor said it’s a girl, I somehow felt relieved.

My daughter is 5 years old now and I still get to hear the question of ‘When will we hear the good news?’

I’m too tempted to say never.

Why isn’t the single girl child enough?

But I swallow and smile. Why are we obsessed with having more than one offspring? So that, the kid will have a companion growing up,  growing old. I didn’t find a better way of saying this, but it’s good to have a backup plan. The more kids you have, the better options you have to be taken care of in old age. To continue your lineage. Oops, that’s applicable only to sons. And you just have to have more kids. 

Reasons why I am happy being a parent to a single child

So below are the reasons that stand strong and enough for me to remain a parent to a single child:

  1. I’m not emotionally, physically, or financially ready to be a mother again.
  2. I cannot imagine the dependency I need to endure if I get pregnant again. I do not want to rely on my husband or my mother or my mother-in-law or my father-in-law or for that matter even a maid or nanny to help me out however small the task may be.
  3. I had a traumatic first pregnancy, delivery and survived postpartum depression. And the next time, I may not be tough enough to pull myself up.
  4. Growing up I realized that every parent has a favorite child. I have decided I shall not have one. And I think it’s very difficult to not have an opinion with more than one roaming around you.
  5. In this fast-growing era, I came to digest the fact that not everyone gets or needs a shoulder to cry on. So, she’s gonna be just fine whichever corridor she falls into.
  6. In the Indian scenario, it is a son’s responsibility to take care of his parents. Trust me I have seen parents being shared among kids. It’s never an issue if you have just one child irrespective of gender.
  7. If I had a son, I might have tried for a daughter though it’s a little risky. And I’m tempted to say I couldn’t do the vice versa.
  8. I can’t imagine investing another 5 years of my life into bringing up a child-that too mediocrely and to constantly think/worry about their safety/ future.
  9. I cannot burden myself, my mother, and my MIL to take care of the baby solely as the parenting job lands heavily on women’s shoulders.

It’s such a blessing that I have been chosen to bring life into this world, but the world is such today that I am putting a limitation on that blessing too. And I can proudly say this is not #mychoice but #ourchoice.

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