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Priyanka Kotoky

A Social Media Content Writer by profession. A writer by heart. A genuine foodie. Simple by nature. Love to read, create paintings and cook. Have impossible dreams. At the moment, engaged in making those dreams come true.

Voice of Priyanka Kotoky

Instead Of Fairytale Princesses, Raise Your Daughters To Speak Up And Be Empowered Girls!

Why are all the princesses in fairy tales so dependent on the men? Isn't it time to change the narrative and have empowered princesses?

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Finding a Silver Lining In The Pandemic

Every cloud has a silver lining. Read about how I found mine in the middle of a pandemic.

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Emotional Abuse Is NOT Normal, Learn To Walk Away From Your Toxic Relationships

Being rude or even cruel just because we are a family is a strangely accepted norm. These are the roots of emotional violence.

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We All Love To Talk, But Who Is Really Listening?

We all love talking, but do we really listen? From now on let's listen when people talk to us and not merely hear them, it makes a difference

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How I Made Peace With Never Ending Household Chores During The Pandemic

I had never done household chores till the pandemic forced me to, this is how I made the best out of my situation!

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By Taking You For Granted And Two Other Ways I Learnt People Might Harm Your Mental Health

A lot of people aren't even aware there is a problem with them emotionally. This is mostly because we live in a society that always puts self care last.

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Why Gender Roles Do Not Make Sense To Me?

In our family, my father lived by example, that the concept of 'gender roles'  were irrelevant.

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Why You Should Teach Your Child To Preserve Her Uniqueness?

Instil in your child, the awareness of being unique and holding on to that uniqueness no matter what the judgement. Let them do things in their own unique way!

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Beware! Your Anger Might Be Negatively Impacting Your Child And Their Emotional Well-Being

Discipling a toddler may not be the easiest thing in the world. However, using anger to do so will only hurt them emotionally, as this mom learnt. 

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How Laura Clery’s Story Inspired Me

Actress Laura Cleary is a parenting inspiration to combat negativity and make the best out of every bad situation.

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What Do You See When You Look Into The Eyes Of A Child?

Have you ever seen a child love? They do not bother to even ask the name of a person or thing they chose to love.

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As My Daughter And I Swung On The Swings, I Learnt The Importance Of Living In The Moment!

That day, watching my daughter I felt a strong urge to relive the moments that I had felt in my childhood. So I sat on the swing next to her. 

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How A Loner Like Me Understood The Importance Of Community

When a moment of loneliness really hurt, this loner realised the importance of creating the community you truly want to have. 

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Let Go Of The Toxic Relations In Your Life, No Matter What Tag They Hold

Sometimes, some relations in your life are merely there due to the tag they hold. What if you decide to not let the tags define these and just let them go?

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“One Day At A Time”: How My Bestie Brought Me Out Of A Possible Depression

Going through a challenging transition, my best friend reminded me - that living one day at a time helps us deeply experience the present - and prepare for the future. 

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Believe In Yourself, You’re Your Own Strength – What A Mental Health Seminar Taught Me

The author attended a mental health seminar that made her introspect about the people in her life. Here are the people who just might be toxic for you!

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Why You Must Listen To Your Soul And Not To Your Ambitious Ego

Emulating others is simply living someone else's life as yours. Now, why would anyone in their right mind want to do that?

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A Strange Thing Happened When I Was Challenged About My Social Media Notification Frenzy

Being an extroverted person, I was very active on social media, constantly updating my status, and looking at every notification... until a cousin challenged me to get off it for a month.

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Have Questions About Life And Existence? Come, Taste The Dessert!

I feel a deep longing in my heart. But I have never been able to name this longing. Is there a user manual for the best way to live this gift?

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And So I Learnt That I Should Follow My Passion Even Through Possible Setbacks

If someone doesn't like your work, it does not mean that you are not good enough. Just that the person has different preferences. Never give up.

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When My Friend Taught Me I Don’t Need To Be A Perfect Mom All The Time

Are you constantly feeling the need to be perfect? Do you find yourself stretching all the time? Stop: You need to read this. 

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This Woman Makes The World Better Just By Doing This Wonderful Thing!

Do not wait for a 'suitable time' to do your bit for the good. Find out what can be done around you, and begin doing it. Make the world better just by doing this little thing.

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A Single Mom & Domestic Help, Sompa Showed How A Woman Can Laugh Despite It All!

The housekeeper in my childhood home, Sompa, had many responsibilities and worries, but that did not stop her living life to the full and laughing in its face!

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heal yourself
7 Ways To Heal Yourself By The ‘Kintsugi’ (Intrigued? Look It Up!) Way After A Heartbreak

Heal yourself by learning to love yourself despite a broken heart. Confused where and how to begin the path to self love? We have some tips!

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grandmother's advice
When My Wise Grandmother Told Me: “Never Accept A Compromise On Your Happiness”!

My grandmother's advice to me when I left my sleepy town to come to the big bad city has always stood by me. Passing it on to all of you!

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is love an illusion
Was Love An Illusion Or The Decision To Part Now Is?

Why does the love in a marriage die? Why do marriages in which love still exists get broken? Is love an illusion, or is it reality?

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cooking and housework
Why Is It Considered Imperative For A Woman To Love Cooking And Housework?

Why should cooking and housework be considered the domain of women? The world has moved ahead of these stereotypes, and so should we!

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becoming a mom
This Is The Story Of How Becoming A Mom Taught Me To Love Myself

Becoming a mom changes so many things in a woman's life that she learns many new things about herself. A personal account.

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The Curse Of Packaged Food Leading To Myriad Health Issues In Today’s World

Celebrations once meant huddling over delicious home cooked food. Now it is the culture of unhealthy packaged food, take-aways and home deliveries.

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Be Your Own Hero, Follow The Song of Your Heart!

Being the best version of yourself is the only way to be - emulating others supposed to be cool never works!

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How Being Pregnant Put The Hardheaded, Independent Me In Touch With My Softer, Human Side!

I was always a fiercely independent and hardheaded woman. But being pregnant changed all that in unexpected ways, teaching me so much.

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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone. It Does Not Lead You Anywhere.

Step out of your comfort zone and do what you really want to do. It's time to take charge.

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Age Matters Only If You Are Wine Or Cheese

Should one always 'act one's age'? Or do you believe that age is just a number that has nothing to do with how and what you are? 

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To Be Unapologetically Me!

We often feel the need to explain our decisions and actions. Do we really need to? Couldn't being unapologetically ourself make us happier?

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Why Do Some Friends Stay While Others Drift Away?

Why do some friends stay and others just fade away? In this piece Priyanka, tries to find an answer.

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As A Woman, What Remains If You Give Yourself Up? Ask Yourself Some Hard Questions Before ‘Settling’

Why give up? As A Woman, What Remains If You Give Yourself Up? Ask Yourself Some Hard Questions Before 'Settling'

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Is Fulfillment A Part Of Your Life Or You Live A 5 Days Blur

Is fulfillment a part of your life? Are you happy with what you do? Maybe it's time, you sit with yourself and answer these questions to yourself.

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Are We Truly Connected To The People We Live With?

We live in a digitized world, a world we are all connected with. But are we connected with the people we live with? Here's what the writer thinks.

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Why You Should Love Yourself First

Why you should love yourself first? Here is why!

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