Why You Should Trust Your Instincts More?

Has it ever happened to you, that you felt strongly about some thing but decided to believe in your logical mind instead of your intuition and failed miserably?

Has it ever happened to you that you felt strongly about some thing or person but decided to believe in your logical mind instead of your intuition and failed miserably?

It has happened to me many times. Still, I always have habitually ignored my intuition and trusted my logical mind more. Aren’t we humans raised like that? To be practical, to be logical, every step of our life; yet we tend to come alive in moments that are beyond logical explanations. We come alive looking at a baby’s chuckle, a sunset. In this age of hoarding and accumulating wealth, we bafflingly come alive when we give freely. When we give a portion of our share to those who have nothing.

The world is not what logic explains to us. It is much more than that; and the best way to manoeuvre through this world we do not understand is to let the soul make its decisions for us. There it that inner voice, that subtly tells you to defy something that your logical mind loudly insists on. It knows way more on what is good for you than you can imagine. I have suffered many a times because I have ignored the voice of my intuition.

Difference of perception vs reality

There have been and still there are people around me, who trigger a different kind of uncomfortable energy when I meet them.  But the interactions with them are so sophisticated and gentle. It makes me ignore the constant signal that the energy around them was giving me. Not surprisingly each of these people have proved to be exactly what their energy gave them out to be.

Why are we then so scared to follow our instincts?

I think it’s because it speaks the truth as it is and mostly because it directs us towards something that completely baffles our logical minds. When you meet a person, your instincts do not get blinded by the outward presentation. It can easily feel the energy that the other person carries. Trust me, no matter who that person is, it never fails. Our logical minds on the other hand goes by the image that is created by the person. There’s a huge difference between a created image and the real deal.

Let me give you an example to bring home my point. In this age of coronavirus, there are a lot of protocols that needs to be followed when dining in a restaurant. Like ‘follow two meters distance’, ‘control the number of people being allowed in’ etc. One day, me and some of my family friends went to dine out. The waiter led us to a table in a corner that was shielded with a glass shield on one side. It looked like a safe corner table away from the crowd.

Choosing instinct over logic 

However, the moment I reached that table I felt a hunch and asked the waiter if we could rather take the table just near the entrance adjacent to a large table that can easily sit six people. My friends tried to reason to me that it’s illogical to sit near the entrance now as there would be lots of people coming in and going out. Secondly, they reasoned, ‘What if the adjacent table gets occupied by a large group of people? We will be in close proximity to a lot of people then.’

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Nonetheless going by my instincts I insisted on taking the particular table that I choose.  Yes, it felt weird to do so. Logically it was pretty evident that I was taking the wrong decision. But I have had enough unpleasant experiences that occurred because I had ignored my instincts earlier and so for a change, I just stuck with my gut feeling this one time.

Reward of going with instinct

Everyone reluctantly made way to that table. After we had placed our order we saw a large group of people coming in.  I was worried that they would be seated just next to us because the table was large enough to accommodate that group. But the head waiter led them to a corner table. Gradually there were more people coming in and the area where we were previously led to gradually got filled with people sitting close to each other.

And believe it or not, the tables next to ours, the large table that could have easily accommodate a large group of people was left empty. I noticed with surprise every time the head waiter led people away from sitting on that table and even made some customers wait as there was no empty tables inside. I still do not know why. And I still do not know how I knew that table would be a better choice for us that day. But it was. And I have no logical explanation to back it either.

The reason why I thought to share this experience is because I want you to know that your instincts can never fail you. But your logic might.  Just like pure love can never fail you, but a calculated friendship might. No matter how wild, give your instincts a chance. They have a lot to guide you.

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