What comes to your mind when i say ‘A fifty year old woman?’

What comes to your mind when i say ‘A fifty-year-old Woman?’ Mostly a well-rounded, motherly woman who has seen much of life. Her life revolves around keeping the home running. She’s softly rounded and has a large round waist with clothes that are simple.
Most people I have asked has given me a similar answer. This is called a set notion. Set notions are beliefs that are so deeply embedded in our psyche that we find it difficult to believe anything otherwise. This belief in turn brings in generations of people who grow into that same belief and keep on repeating the same patterns.
Emily in Paris has been one really loved series for me. I have fallen in love with most of the characters one who I write about before and the other us Sylvie Grateau.
She plays the head of a fashion company in Paris branch. The first day I saw her, she was sharply dressed, ad her hair beautifully done, had a well sculpted body and a soft face, and was the boss everyone loved and respected.
Everything about her was stylish and up to date and she is a person who is well above her fifties. Looking at her, I realised, there is not just one way to be. If you want to be glamourous post 50 to your nineties, you can be.
Look for example at Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston who are well above 50 and no less a stunner than when they were younger.
Women at large are mostly dictated what they can wear, do, how they can behave. It’s great if a guy makes a six pack an, but if a woman who is in her fifties try to flaunt a well-toned body, questions like – ‘ What’s wrong with Her?’ ‘She should dress according to her age, etc. come.
Why is it unfair when it’s okay for a man to go bottomless and flaunt a six pack.
I wonder, do Indian women lose their youth and spark after a certain age because the world keeps on telling them they cannot do, wear, eat, dress up the way they like? Is this the reason why, when I asked, ‘What comes to your mind when i say 50 year old Women?’ you immediately thought about a woman who has worked hard all her life, has grown bigger and has none of the spark she had in her youthful days?
Seriously, if age had been more than some calculation in our head, we would never had people in their 70s climbing and trekking a mountain in Kenya.Who you must be wondering? Well, Richard Branson.
Also it’s not necessary to wither just because you have crossed a certain age. There are studies that have found 70 plus people who led a sedentary life and those who were active that the sedentary ones lost most of their muscle while the active ones had the same muscles like they had when they were in their 40s.
I am seeing 50 plus women everywhere just being themselves and they shine so bright. You do not have to be a shade lesser because someone asks you to.
Everything is a choice. What are you choosing to be every moment?


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