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How Do You Define Simplicity In This Complex World?

We are all caught up within our own world of comfort, always wanting for more. But sometimes, some people show us our place by their mere simplicity.

I do not know what I would have done if I did not write? I would definitely have gone crazy without an outlet to express myself. Furthermore, I have always been a loner and a quiet child, always loved being away from people. If I had friends, I liked to protect my space.

But why was that I never wondered. I thought that this is the way I am. But do you realize that you are the way you are because of the people around you?

I currently have a Nepali house help at our house. Her name is Bunu Rai. She is as sweet and as simple as her name. While helping me around with the chores in the house, she often strikes up a conversation.

I usually work on my laptop, and she just talks of everything under the sun while, brooming, mopping or dusting.

Yesterday, she told me of how they drink water in their home in Nepal.

The profound tale of simplicity

She told me that she lives on top of a very high mountain. Her whole village is situated on the mountain, with houses scattered on the hills. In winters, the days are cloaked by the thick fog every day.

But their rustic kitchen always has a utensil bubbling with boiling water. They always have this wood fire burning in the hearth of their kitchen and there is always this utensil filled with water.

“Why you know, madame?” she asked.

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“No, tell me”, I asked, curious.

“That is because we collect our water from the streams that rush from the mountains. It’s usually very cold and if we drink it directly, we might get a sore throat. But that water is very good for health because it’s unadulterated.”

She continued, “My grandparents, lived to a very ripe old age without any health issue and still invested with the vigour of youth, because they drank such fresh water.”

I wonder, she said, looking at the bottled water kept on my table, how good this water is. But here, I have to drink this only.

It was a simple story she told me, but it had profound teachings. Teachings that said robust health is possible in old age, nature is our best provider, what we eat and drink makes us who we are.

People order canned, packed and frozen food on a regular basis, but up in the mountains somewhere, people still know the value of being close to nature; living naturally in sync with her and understanding the fact that it is important to always have what nature provides in its pure form.

I could feel how much she missed being away from such a home. Where the fog was thick, but there was always a warm hearth of crackling fire adding a pinch of warmth to their cold days – where the food was fresh, and the water provided from the mountain streams.

I was really impressed by her story and so conversationally on the phone I brought up the topic with an acquaintance who also seemed to have a Nepali house-help.

I told her of how my house-help collected water from the mountains, boiled it and then consumed, unlike what people in the cities or even small towns do. Not only that, but I wanted to discuss and pass on the wisdom of my house help’s tale, but somehow the conversation was lost in between.

Why was it lost?

Because my acquaintance said, ‘Oh, my house-help is quite well off, and she does not need to draw water from the mountains. She has a water connection.’

“Right, yeah.” I said and spoke of other things.

I always feel a blockage when I try to communicate to people my feelings. Likewise, I have often observed that while being well travelled, well-educated and well exposed is definitely something that evolves a person, it does not necessarily apply to all. People are so swollen with pride of their achievements and being where or who they are that they forget to understand what really matters.

I mostly connect with the helps in our house. It is so difficult to talk to people who are accomplished.  Well, there are a few who do get it. I am very thankful for my readers because I can connect with them. Or maybe it’s just the magic of the written word.

But whatever it is, I would like to know, have you become so consumed by your accomplishments that you do not understand things that really matter?

Have you ever been thrilled by a child’s unrestrained chuckle, or the soft sun that falls on the green grass in a caress? Or does your thoughts circle around degrees achieved, brands owned, money and materialism?

In a world of social media likes, where the worth of someone is based on followers and likes of people you do not even know, it is so important to keep the human element beating in your heart.

Is your heart still human?

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