Nature is not a forgotten fantasy

Nature heals. The sun energised us. The rain cleanses our aura. The trees and grounding on earth aligns us and de-stresses us. Did you know that grounding increased heart health, decreased stress and inflammation?

You and me? We are nature. Why do you then seek happiness and wellness outside where you belong?

The colourful hues of a dried leaf. Does not it strike you as so beautiful? Ever felt the wind that gently caress your cheeks. Try opening your arms wide and take in a deep breath. I promise you it would feel like the divinity is hugging you in a soft yet intense embrace.
Ever tried to not run from the rain but walk through it? Feel the raindrops in your open hands. Every rain drop that falls off your hands would bring alive your inner essence. Especially the ones that fall on your face as you look up to the monsoon sky; it feels like a mother\’s kiss gently pecking at your face. Constantly with love. Why a mother\’s kiss? Because no matter how many kisses, a mother can never have her fill.Just like the rain, when it pours, it just breaks free without restraint.
Ever sat around a bonfire of crackling firewood that exudes a little of wood flavoured smoke? Oh! The warmth in it can make every cold heart thaw. Ever looked at the flames that came alive in the dry woods? Isn’t it mesmerising how each flame starts blue, then yellow enveloped with a shade of emerald green until it takes on the hue of its essence – a fiery orange. Ever looked at the flame and felt yourself lost in some thought you are familiar with but do not remember?
Have you ever lain on the grass, or tried to pick up the fallen jasmine flowers on a wintry foggy morning? So that you can make a garland of flowers and offer it to whoever you consider your most revered you most divine?
And as you walked on the grass did not the dew drops on the grass feel like pearls left carelessly on the green of the earth? Did not the strong fragrant jasmine intoxicate you and just for a fleeting moment you needed sometime to remember why you are amongst these fallen beauties cutting through the wall of the early morning fog. The fog, did you see how it dissipates into molecules of water when you try to touch it but appear so strong when untouched. And when it touches your face, does not it feel like the cutting cold and the soft wetness of the fog on your face cleanses your whole being?
And when the sun seeps in, have you seen how the fog makes way for the light? The warm sunlight on a foggy wintry morning feels like a father\’s love. Filled with warmth and a kind of love that will always keep you protected.
And the stars…have you ever looked up at the starry night and have not been able to look away, unless you had to? Did the stars tug at an unforgotten part of your heart that felt like home?
And the moonlight…shining through a beautiful full moon. What is it about it that we cannot help but be drawn towards it just like the bees are to a flower. What is in it? Have you ever spent time under a starlit sky your beautiful body completely swathed by moonlight? Why did it feel so warm ever wondered? And while you sat in the moonlight, did fireflies dance like fallen stars around you on such a night? Did you notice their green is such an ethereal fluorescent green? A green so soft that cannot be replicated.
Have you ever wondered of these things while you spent time in your office, remembering yourself when you sometimes catch a glance of the changing colours of the sky through your large French Windows? Did not your heart long to be where you belonged? Bare feet firmly on the earth, wind caressing your loose mane and the soft sunlight energizing your day?

You know you and me, trust me when I say we are nature. It’s not a forgotten fantasy.



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