7 Ways To Heal Yourself By The ‘Kintsugi’ (Intrigued? Look It Up!) Way After A Heartbreak

Heal yourself by learning to love yourself despite a broken heart. Confused where and how to begin the path to self love? We have some tips!

Heal yourself by learning to love yourself despite a broken heart. Confused where and how to begin the path to self love? We have some tips!

The Japanese have a tradition called Kintsugi. It means fixing broken things by pouring liquid gold in it. The mended object becomes even more beautiful and valuable for them. They believe that it is what gives the broken thing, a character. I love the concept because this tradition makes that part shine through where it once hurt.

Relationships, no matter how deep or meaningful, always break a person at one point in time or the other. Too much love, too much expectation, too much ego, every relationship has some element of ‘too much’ that unknowingly breaks the person one loves. Sometimes, the cracks are deep, sometimes they are minor. But a crack is a crack whatsoever and if left unattended, it can lead to scars. Emotional scars.

It is important that a person in a relationship pour liquid gold where there are cracks in the soul. How can one do that?

By pouring in a lot of self-love.

Make time for yourself every day

No matter how demanding your life is, always make time for yourself. Create a routine for yourself that allows you to enjoy ‘Me time.’

Some people like to read, some people like to watch Netflix, while some love to do gardening. No matter what your ‘me time’ consists of, make time for it every day.

Spend time alone

Give your soul the time to reconnect and rejuvenate. Spend some time alone with yourself. Lay on the grass watching clouds pass by. Or simply plug out the world with your favourite music. Read in candlelight while taking a bubble bath.

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Block out judgmental people

There is a reason why people might judge you. But your minus point is never the reason on which the judgement is based. Do not make other people’s judgement steer the course of your life. If you do that, you will only lose yourself and realize that you were good the way you were when it’s too late. Accept others the way they are. If they cannot do the same, well block them out. Love yourself the way you are. No one else will.


We are social animals. Socializing is natural to us. Do not stop socializing with people you like just because you are in a relationship. Go out meet friends. Go for that all guys night out or an all gals luncheon.

It is possible that you might have relationship commitments. Make space to fulfil those commitments by all means. Once you are done with those, do make space to accommodate your social commitments.

Learn a craft

Everyone loves to do something. Some people love to paint, some love playing sports, while others love to cook. Fuel your passions. Who knows, you might end up doing something big. If nothing, engaging in doing things you love will surely help you practice loving yourself more.


Do we need to emphasize why? Well, No! Hit the gym, jog, or cycle. Whether you are a gym person or an outdoors one, always find time to exercise.

Spend time with people who matter

Family, best friends or the neighbourhood granny – people who make your life seem better to go a long way to sustain your well-being. Spend time with these people.

Love yourself. When you do that, the cracks in your soul will automatically heal. ‘’Where is the time?’’ you may ask. Well, you go that extra mile to keep your loved ones happy, don’t you? Then, why not go that extra mile for yourself, too? All it takes is the desire to love and cherish yourself. Do you have that desire in you?

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