It’s Great That Celebrities Are Speaking Up About Depression, But We Need To Go One Step More

After Deepika Padukone, Shaheen Bhatt also spoke about her battle with depression. Is only speaking about it enough or is it high time we took some action?

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How To Get Over A Heartbreak? 8 Things I Did That Absolutely Worked For Me
how to get over a heartbreak

How to get over a heartbreak, instead of giving way to hopelessness and despair? We dig deep to find for the good things that life still has to offer.

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Alia’s Sister Shaheen Gives Candid Account Of Her Depression And How Her Family Helped Her Cope
Alia and Shaheen

Alia and Shaheen Bhatt’s candid conversation with Barkha Dutt throws light on how depression is a family’s battle; not just an individual’s.

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The Depression You’re Going Though? It Was Once Mine Too

She was often infuriated by people who came by to visit her; Mansi suspected that people sympathized with her, and saw her as a hopeless victim.

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5 Reasons Indian Women Are More Likely Than Men To Develop Mental Health Issues; We’re Not Surprised!

10th October, World Mental Health Day, is a good time for women to share their stories, and speak up for themselves and other women, because they are more at risk than men. 

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My Story Of How I Rose Up From The Depths Of Depression After A Bad Break-Up

Depression after a bad breakup can be literally killing, but how can this be dealt with? A personal experience.

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