Shaheen Bhatt
Fact 1: Shaheen Bhatt Is Alia Bhatt’s Sister. Fact 2: She Battled Serious Depression For 17 Years

"Shaheen Bhatt's writing on depression touches your soul and lets you peek into hers," says this reviewer about her book I've Never Been (Un)Happier. A must read for everyone.

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I Can Truly LIVE My Life Now ‘Coz My Husband Supported Me In The Darkest Phase Of It

Depression can be a very tricky beast, draining the life and soul out of you, and sometimes those who seem the happiest might be the most at danger. Talk to someone today.

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Address The Elephant In The (Bed)Room Before It Damages More Than Your Marriage
sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is the elephant in the room we need to address, which may be a bigger problem than is reported. It can seriously affect a marriage, and this in turn can cause problems in the family.

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Maybe My Story Of Dealing With Bipolar & Borderline Personality Disorder Can Help Others

The author opens up about her mental issues and how she manages it. It's her courage manifesto to fellow sufferers. 

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Nadia Murad’s Powerful Story Shows Talking Openly Of Sex Crimes Is 1st Step Towards Healing
Nadia Murad

A sex crime is no different from a car accident - both cause similar trauma, and leave behind physical and psychological scars that need to be healed, as we learn from the life of Nobel winner Nadia Murad.

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How Biker Singajogi Satyaveni Got Over Her Fear Of The Road, Depression, & Became An Artist!

A tragedy changed the course of her life. But biker Singajogi Satyaveni learnt to never gave up and win over her fears. An inspiration she is, for sure.    

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