If You’re An Eco-Friendly Consumer, Check Out These 9 Indian Designer Brands For Women

Sustainable fashion uses processes that are eco friendly - no pesticides, natural dyes, up cycling material, using less energy, etc. Here are 9 Indian designer brands that follow this.

Sustainable fashion uses processes that are eco friendly – no pesticides, natural dyes, up cycling material, using less energy, etc. Here are 9 Indian designer brands that follow this.

‘Sustainable fashion’ has been the buzzword for quite some time now. More and more designers are transforming their business models to produce eco-friendly clothing and cut down on industrial waste and chemicals. There is also a growing awareness among consumers, especially the younger generation.

What is Sustainable Fashion or Eco Fashion?

But what exactly is sustainability in fashion? Fashion by itself has always meant fast consumption so how do you bring sustainability into an industry like fashion, that has always been associated with words like ‘superficial’ and ‘frivolous’?

It’s tricky to define sustainability since there are so many levels to finding sustainable solutions. In simple words sustainable fashion is clothing that is produced with as little impact on the planet as possible. It involves different elements right from sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, dyes that don’t involve any chemicals, recycling the water used in manufacturing and also improving social working conditions in factories.

It’s a process of making fashion more sustainable than what it is now, and constantly finding new ways to uphold those environmental, social and ethical values that contribute to sustainability. Over the years this sustainable fashion movement has solidified its stance in the Indian Fashion Industry giving rise to some spectacular young designers who are shaping the fashion landscape through their creative ideas.


Upasana is a fashion brand based in Auroville, Pondicherry, that believes that the process of design needs to be creative and help in problem solving.

They use design for real change like empowering farmers, weavers, and dyers through their textile work. Out of real problems like famer suicides, weavers losing their jobs and post-tsunami trauma were born real solutions like Varanasi weavers – a project with the weaving communities of Varanasi, Tsunamika – a tsunami related project providing livelihood to fisherwoman and many more.

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Their designs are extremely comfortable and contemporary that are perfect for casual wear and luxury. Bright hued silk scarves, monochromatic dresses, and pretty calligraphy printed tops make up their collection.

Check out their brand here.

No Nasties

Organic, fair trade and vegan are three words that make up their brand story. No Nasties are based in Goa and deal with 100% organic, fair trade cotton clothing. They are most popular for their t-shirt line but they also have ventured into dresses and bags. Every t-shirt they design is by their community of artists and graphic designers who create original and exclusive prints for the brand. Stylish and sustainable their products feature great designs, perfect fits, and comfortable fabrics. They also plant a tree in their No Nasties grove for every product sold. And you can keep a check on the count by signing up to their newsletter.

Check out their brand here.

House of Wandering Silk

At House of Wandering Silk, textiles are more than just textiles. They are stories. Each piece is handmade from beginning to end, combining weaving traditions, skills and cultures from across Asia.

The work of House of Wandering Silk respects people and the planet, using upcycled, handmade and vintage materials. They strive for transparency and believe that people, skills and heritage behind each product is just as beautiful as the product itself. Their website is an amalgamation of their design collections and stories about how each design came to life. It is a delight to read and shop at!

Check out their brand here.


Ka-Sha is a fashion brand started by Karishma Shahani Khan with the aim of reaching a global audience.

The designer has been a recipient of various awards and has also been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 2016 list. The label’s zero waste endeavor that is called Heart to Haat thrives on ideas of waste management using their skill as designers to up-cycle and recycle functional products. Their collections have also been featured in various fashion weeks and boast of luxurious and easy silhouettes.

Check out their brand here.


11:11 is a luxury brand that has cemented it’s place internationally in the luxury fashion space.

Khadi has been their way of design since the time of inception, and their Khadi denim like clothing is worth taking a look at. Their products are all handmade and the fabric sourced is 100% cotton, using natural dyes.

Check out their brand here.

Doodlage by Kriti Tula

If you have a special kind of love for one of a kind pieces, then Doodlage is the brand you are looking for.

With each collection Doodlage strengthens its dedication to creating easy, wearable fashion that is also environmentally friendly. When we shop at the more popular brands, if every piece of clothing on the shelf had price tags, telling us not what they cost in money, but their impact on the environment and farmers/artisans/craftsmen, trust us, shopping sprees wouldn’t be as therapeutic as they are deemed to be!

Check out their brand here.

Nicobar by Good Earth

Good Earth has always been synonymous with stylish sustainable luxury retail. They then launched a new brand Nicobar, with the intention of changing the way modern Indians shop. They have stores in all major cities of India and offer a wide variety of fashion, home and travel accessories.

Check out their brand here.

Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva


A bodice is a basic round neck with arm holes – the first block in patternmaking. It’s very elementary, simple and classic. Which is what Ruchika Sachdeva’s label Bodice is all about.

Travel feeds into this fashion designer’s design sensibility and you can clearly see that in the designs. Jackets that you can wear inside and out, garments that can be worn at home and as occasion wear, garments adjustable at the waist that cover two sizes – this brand truly emphasizes on sustainable fashion.

Check out their brand here.

Grassroot by Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is one of the leading names of the fashion, Bollywood and bridal wear industry. When they launched Grassroot it was to give fashion the slow and steadfast care that it and its makers deserve. It is an eco-conscious, leather free, vegan line that offers handcrafted traditions from India with an aim to revive and sustain craft and artisans. You can read about each of the artisans and their stories on their website.

Check out their brand here.

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