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As women, we often feel pressurized to look ‘perfect’. Guess what? You are perfect in your own unique way.

As women, we often feel pressurized to look ‘perfect’. Guess what? You are perfect in your own unique way.

I’ve always believed that fashion is all about experimenting and finding your own unique style that let’s you express yourself. Whether you are someone who prefers to wear a kanchi pattu sari with flowers in her hair or someone who could happily live the rest of her life in baggy trousers and a loose tee or someone who is very particular about the cut and fit of your dress – you are essentially presenting your personality through your style, to the world out there.

I still remember my initial months of being a fashion/personal style blogger, when I used to mindlessly shop items that I didn’t even need. Looking at what others were wearing and the ‘pressure’ to be seen in every new trend made me make some terrible sartorial choices. This is all the more so for us as women, where we feel more pressure to look ‘perfect’ all the time.

I ended up with a wardrobe full of clothes, and not quite sure of whom they belonged to. Definitely not my style! Over a period of time I began to discover my true style, what I liked, what I was comfortable in and today, I happily shop within my closet and mix and match pieces that I absolutely love!

Once you know your style, you can incorporate any trend you want and give it your own unique touch, thus retaining your individuality.

As frivolous (and superficial) as ‘fashion’ is sometimes made out to be, it plays such an important role in defining who we are as individuals.

I believe that there is no one ‘look’ that works for every woman. After all, each of us is a unique individual, so why should we feel the need to look like someone else? To me, celebrating oneself is about expressing oneself. Fashion can be an expression of oneself, a way to signify who you are, where you come from and what you believe in. It is about celebrating you as an individual, not necessarily having to follow the latest fad.

Looked at this way, celebrating oneself becomes all about celebrating your creativity as an individual, something I’ve tried to show using this selection of looks below.

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pehnava palazzos

It’s been three years or so since palazzos made a huge comeback, and I am still not ready to let go. Ever since I bought my first pair, these have been my go-to outfit choice because they are so comfortable!

The fit and fall of the fabric is very flattering, especially if you are someone with long legs. While I usually pair them with t-shirts, crop tops and kurtis, if you are feeling a bit risqué, you could try pairing it with a top with really high slits. This is something I would definitely try as thigh high slits are a bold choice and they make a statement on their own. Combined with these grey palazzos, they make a pretty bold yet elegant picture! Check it out here.


Look chic while being conservative as well, if that’s your style. This pretty georgette suit with the most interesting top half doesn’t need any additional accessories. The pretty embroidery work adds a bright pop of color to otherwise the black color palette. Check it out here.


I have always been a basics girl. I love comfort, minimal pieces and have a very laid back style. But I always try and look for a little extra detail in those items, like, regular blue skinny jeans with a gold zipper on the side, or a plain white top with buttons on the back.

One can never go wrong with basics. But it’s always nice to have that little twist to turn your basics into something interesting. Just adding a row of buttons down the front, elevates a pretty simple black and pink kurta with slits on the sides, to so much more. Interesting little details like this are always appreciated! Check it out here.


The little black dress (LBD) is one of the most iconic pieces that every fashion magazine says is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. There’s no denying that a black dress is your best option when you have no clue what to wear. There’s so much you can do with a black dress – dress it up, dress it down and accessorize it in so many different ways. But if the LBD is not for you, then go for this one with a quirky bright print on the front! Check it out here.


Contemporary twists on ethnic wear are a great option for festivals, weddings and family functions. Keep aside your regular choices and try something different like this burgundy dhoti pants paired with a rich embroidered blouse. Indian wear has come such a long way from just sarees and anarkalis. The options are endless; all you need is a little patience to figure out what you like and what your style is! Check it out here.

You need not be a victim to brands and labels to look good. With confidence and a unique sense of style, you can make heads turn wearing whatever you are comfortable in!

The Pehnava is a space that focuses on niche designers from all over India, and offers designer wear to those who cannot afford a Manish Malhotra and Rohit Bal. For women who want to celebrate themselves in their own style, their aim is to offer designers’ products at effective rates while also promoting the work of upcoming designers.

Their motto is: ”You Design, We Customise”.

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Have fun finding fashion that works for you!

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