Kavita Panyam

Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and India's top Co-dependency Recovery Mentor as well as a Narcissistic abuse recovery coach. She is on a mission to transform to 1 million people reclaim their lives via her unique Self-love framework. Kavita works with women stuck in abusive and dysfunctional marriages and people with traumatic childhoods. To connect and know more about her work please visit https://mindsuggest.com

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8 Ways To Reclaim Your Life When Nothing Feels Right!
8 Ways To Reclaim Your Life When Nothing Feels Right!

Sunidhi felt lonely and unloved; she found there was nothing to share from her life during conversations. Here are 8 ways she reclaimed her life.

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11 Tips On How To Move On Quickly After A Heartbreak

Heartbreak can make you feel like the end of your world. But there are ways you can get over it, move on, and go back to living a happier and fulfilled life.

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name kids
Think Again Before You Name Your Child After A Deceased Loved One

It is tradition to name kids after deceased family members, but do parents think about how the child themselves might feel when they grow up and understand?

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why extramarital affairs end
Here Are The Top 6 Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs End. Hint: Not What You Think!

Marital relationships are tricky, as the human mind searches for happiness, sometimes outside the marriage. Here's looking at why extramarital affairs end.

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10 Negative Signs In A Relationship To Look Out For Before It Is Too Late

When in love, negative signs in a relationship are the furthest from your mind - but you need to be mindful of them to not be caught unawares.

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teenage behaviour
6 (Spot On) Tips To Understand Teenage Behaviour And Co-exist With Them Peacefully

When you understand why teenagers behave as they do, it becomes easier to co-exist without judging them. This is what you can do about teenage behaviour.

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Alone On Valentine’s Day? No Worries. Here Are 6 Fantastic Ways You Can Celebrate By Yourself

Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, rather it is the day of love. Here are six ways to have a fantabulous Valentine's Day even when you're single!

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the gratitude
Let’s Be Grateful For The Good, But Not Overdo The Gratitude. Here’s Why

We should be grateful for good things and good people, yes. But we should not overdo the gratitude, as this thoughtful post says.

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grieving person
How To Support And Comfort Someone In Grief – My Personal Account

When my brother, and then my father passed away, I was horrified by the lack of sensitivity I was subjected to as a grieving person.

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negative patterns
How To Recognise The Negative Patterns In Your Life And Set Yourself Free From Them

We tend to repeat the negative patterns that govern our lives, and mess it up. Here is how to get rid of them and lead a happier life.

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Teach Your Kids The Art of Apologising. They’re Going To Need It

Apologising is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of a strong and secure person. Teach your kids this art, and insure their peace of mind.

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Are We Forgetting Our Real Life Relationships In An Increasingly Virtual World?

As the world gets connected more and more virtually, are we forgetting our real life relationships? 

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Do You Want To Be Happy? Here Are 6 Ways To Flex Your Happiness Muscles

So, you want to be happy. It's no rocket science. Here are six simple ways to be happy. It's an everyday effort. Try it today!

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A Sister’s Tribute To A Braveheart Brother & A Story Of Courage And Forgiveness

A sister writes a heartfelt tribute to her brother, an army, who lost his life young. A story of courage, forgiveness and valour.

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