Do You Want To Be Happy? Here Are 6 Ways To Flex Your Happiness Muscles

So, you want to be happy. It's no rocket science. Here are six simple ways to be happy. It's an everyday effort. Try it today!


So, you want to be happy. It’s no rocket science. Here are six simple ways to be happy. It’s an everyday effort. Try it today!

A lot has been written about happiness and how to be happy. Happiness is sheer inner work and no shortcuts, here. Once you make this a habit, it grows on you and becomes your nature. Here are six ways to be happy.

Live in the present

Most people dwell over happenings of yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. In doing this, they miss out on the present, their now. When you choose to live in the present moment and focus only on this, a lot of unnecessary burdens are lifted. Cherish what is happening now, or if today is not treating you well, see what you can do about it. Ultimately, this too shall pass. So, sit back and enjoy that cup of tea, savour it’s taste and colour. Do not sip on it aimlessly with the aim of finishing it. Take that walk in the park, breathing in, the fresh air, soothing your tired soul amidst the greenery. Just be.

Learn to forgive

When you hold on grudges, you harm yourself as you keep the unpleasant incidents fresh in your mind, as repeated rehearsals make sure that it gets ingrained, hurting and haunting you. It is best to live out the unpleasant incident fully, and then release it, once for all. When you no longer rehearse it in your mind, there is no more grudge and slowly you get around to forgiving the people who hurt you. Forgiveness sets you free.

Be content with what you have

There is nothing wrong in wanting more and working hard to get it. But being content with what you have gives you peace. It’s only when you are at peace, can you work better, towards your goal. There is no end to wants, ultimately one has to understand that peace and happiness come from enjoying what you already have, instead of waiting for a time when your supposed wants are fulfilled. There is no such time, unless you train yourself to understand how much is enough.

Cherish those who stand by you

In this busy life, one tends to put relationship matters at the back. The people who have given their time and attention to you, need to be cherished. Express your gratitude often and count your blessings. In the end, all that matters is, how well you loved.

Take up a hobby

Being busy is not the same as doing something that you love, which also keeps you busy. One can be busy with routine work, but that may not give you the peace and happiness always. The stress and tension connected with it tends to wear you out. Cultivate a hobby, learn something new and always make time for it, on a regular basis. Learn to sing, draw, cook, grow a kitchen garden, there are many things you could do other than your regular routine. This a sure way to keep your spirits high.

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You may pray to God, the creator, higher source or whatever else you may name it. Prayer takes off your burden. When you pray with utmost sincerity, your body relaxes and mind is set free. Prayers are not meant, only for asking what you want. It is basically unburdening oneself. Connecting to the almighty and drawing strength. Setting aside some time for this ritual, every day, is highly beneficial.

While there are more ways other than those that I have mentioned above, we have to make a start somewhere, isn’t it? So, go ahead and claim your happiness. Today!

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