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9 Top Mental Health Bloggers Among Indian Women Who You Must Follow

Talking openly about mental health is still a taboo in much of Indian society. This makes it even more imperative that we listen to what these Indian women who are mental health bloggers, have to tell us.

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Are We Setting Up Our Youth For Trouble By Not Teaching Them To Handle A NO?
hearing No

Learning to hear and accept a NO is one of the most important attitudes that we can encourage in ourselves, and the path to realism and resilience. Are we ready?

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As A Woman Living With Infertility, Life Has Been An Emotional Rollercoaster Everyday
woman living with infertility

The silence on the pain felt by women living with infertility is deafening, in a society so focused on women getting married and having babies. 

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Despite Trying So Hard, I Feel A Failure As A Wife, A Mom, A Woman. What Do I Do?

My life isn't what I had imagined it to be when I was a girl. Nothing has worked for me, and I feel like a failure. Am I overreacting, or is something the matter with me? 

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In This Dark And Bottomless Pit That I Find Myself In, Will I Ever Find Any Light?

Depression is still an invisible illness in Indian society, as most of those depressed seem to be going about their life like normal. A personal experience tells us how they really feel.

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Despite The Ruin That Life Has Become, I’m Unable To Leave My Alcoholic Husband!
alcoholic husband

Alcohol is running my life; dictating what I can or cannot do, making me feel powerless. But I cannot leave my alcoholic husband despite all the horrors I suffer.

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