Greatness Lies In Being Your Highest Self

My daughter is currently smitten by Elsa from Frozen. Watching the movie together one day, she asked me, ‘Mama, what is my superpower?’

I looked at that hopeful face and said,’ anything that your soul desires to express and anything that you find joy in doing, is your superpower.’ Wow! She exclaimed.

Superpower. Everyone has it.

Unwinding after dinner one night, I was watching ‘Emily in Paris.’ The chef’s character, Gabriel, is one I really love. What makes the character special is his passion to create good food. He, as has been portrayed in the series been peeling potatoes in his uncle’s kitchen since he was thirteen. The best part is, he was allowed to be himself.

How many people are that lucky to follow what their heart pursues? Are you doing what your heart desires?What is your superpower? Have you wondered? And if you wondered have you found It? And if you have found it did you let it bloom or did you let it go?

We are raised in a society where there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things. But what if I quote from the book ‘The White Knight that says,
The purpose of life is to be a part of it, to be the creator of it, to illuminate it. There is no other destiny than to live and to allow yourself to be whatever you desire to be as life unfolds within you, moment to moment to moment. And in fulfilling that purpose, know that you have the unlimited freedom to become and do and be whatever you desire.”
― Ramtha, Ramtha – The White Book

We try to be so many things throughout lives. Artist, writer, banker, chef, baker, while our soul patiently waits to be finally found.
It is not a surprise that so many people do not find joy in life. So many people do not find success. Why would they?
When their heart says one thing but they decide to follow what people say, what would people think. Everyone I know, must know of a young boy, who wanted to be a chef and was ridiculed and was rather asked to be banker. Everyone I know knows of a woman who wanted to be fashion designer or a pilot but was ridiculed or cautioned against it and was asked to do an MBA and get into a more streamlined job. And there are those lucky few ones like Gabriel who actually was allowed to follow their heart.

Why do we doubt what our heart says all the time? Gender roles, family expectations, the question what would people say – Are these things more important than the expression of life?
When your child looks up to you and asks, ‘What is my superpower, will you allow that little human to flourish or will you curb the child’s infinite potential with your own fears?’ Your answer can actually impact the way a society is structured.

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And when you look at yourself and you feel that your soul needs to be heard, maybe you need to complete that book, maybe you need to start your bakery, maybe you need to go for that all women trip, will you give your soul a chance?

Its a very simple thing. Do what you are good at. Do what brings joy to you. Don’t let your superpower fade. There’s a reason you are drawn to certain things. It’s okay if you cannot take up your passion as a full time job, but at least keep your passions alive.

In the many affluent countries that I have travelled to – poetry, art, tattoo artists have been seen to be respected so much. People are encouraged to live in alignment with what they are inclined to do. This is why I think these places are so aesthetically beautiful, financially stable and happy at large.
You know a change in society and in the world all starts with what answers we give to our children. What answers we give to our souls.

I have a friend who had been in the corporate but for some reason always wanted to open a book shop that has a coffee shop attached to it. A bookworm herself, she knows that book lovers would be drawn in like bees to a honey comb to a place like this. She found this idea when she was touring through Armenia with her husband. While taking a leisurely evening stroll through the city she was inspired to find such a place located at one of the streets in the heart of the city. Oh! Was she inspired? She held that dream for a long time. Until one day she just could not do the corporate thing anymore. She took a risk and followed her heart. Well knowing that she might fail, but at least she would know that she has tried.

Things worked out her. How would it not?

One day while sitting with her in her cafe, she told me stirring her macchiato, ‘You know, people look for a reason to reach greatness? But the truth is, greatness lies in being you at your highest self.’
Be your true self. Give yourself more than one chance. No matter what, and watch greatness, happiness and miracles follow you wherever you go.


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