Why You Must Listen To Your Soul And Not To Your Ambitious Ego

Emulating others is simply living someone else's life as yours. Now, why would anyone in their right mind want to do that?

I love to paint and write. My idea of a perfect attire is a torn denim paired with a white T-shirt. For entertainment, I love to read or have heartfelt conversations in a laid back cafe. My idea of a perfect weekend is a quiet family or friend affair spent outdoors cooking up a barbecue under a starlit weekend sky. It took me several years to accept that this is me and these several years  I have always wondered why I feel so lost in life.

Growing up I have always tried to imbibe others. When women my age started wearing make-up, I did too. Not realizing that this is not me. I love to see nude faces with genuine emotions. Not that I am against make-up, it just does not ring a bell in my soul. I have always tried to imbibe the definition of perfection given by others not realizing that it is the call of my soul that would lead me to salvation (Spiritual or worldly).

The world that we live in today is digitalized (which is a good thing). But digitalisation was never meant to be an addiction that one needs to work out of. It breaks my heart to see friends, families and people, in general, staying oblivious to life and staying glued to screens. What is a get together if it is not punctuated by loud laughter, heartfelt stories or smiles I wonder? It breaks my heart more so because I am the one who sits clueless among these screen glued people. Yes, I am not very active on social media, I used to be when I tried to follow the crowd. But I realized, this does not ring a bell in my soul.

As I became mature, I realized that it takes immense courage to be yourself the way you actually are. But no matter what it is worth the effort because it is the call of your soul that can keep you going where you need to go. Emulating others is simply living someone else’s life as yours. Now, why would anyone in their right mind want to do that?

As I am writing this, I am aware that I am still fighting the urge to emulate the lifestyle of people whose lives look picture perfect to me. But before I emulate it is important to ask, do I know their struggle? Is what they show the world their true identity? Most importantly, it is important to ask, would this make my heart happy or my ego happy? For example, the other day, as I hugged my baby while wearing clothes that had baby puree stains and milk, I felt like I am the luckiest human alive. Well, the moment I felt it I saw a woman walking in immaculate clothes to work through the window. The open window brought in the smell of the perfume that she donned which I recognized to be a Ralph Lauren and for a moment my mind said – ‘That was you. Look at yourself now.’

As if on cue my baby hugged me tighter and chuckled basking in the warmth of the most basic bond of love known to humans and my soul filled with pleasant energy that only mothers can relate to.

I realized then that there are many distractions in the world. Especially we as women are judged by the world at large and this makes us change directions many times in life.  It is important that we keep the distractions of the world at bay and listen to what our soul says. Trust me, this will always keep your sanity in check. As I am ending this, I am going to take my kid out for ice cream wearing my most loved, ripped jeans and a white T-shirt. I am going to walk barefoot in the grass while I cross the patch of greenery to the ice cream shop and make slurpy noises with my kid while we finish our cones.

People’s opinion can wait. Forever!

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