How Laura Clery’s Story Inspired Me

Actress Laura Cleary is a parenting inspiration to combat negativity and make the best out of every bad situation.

Actress Laura Clery is a parenting inspiration to combat negativity and make the best out of every bad situation.


Have you ever observed a wildflower closely? It looks so fragile, but it has so much resilience that it can push through a rock to bloom.  It’s a blooming lesson on resilience. Sometimes I feel exactly like a wild flower struggling to bloom to my capacity. The struggle of being a mother seems so hard at times. Recently, I was overwhelmed with a fair mix of exhaustion, motherhood loneliness and a lack of ‘me time.’ That is when I came across ‘Laura Clery’s vlog.

Watching her videos about motherhood and parenting has been my ‘go to stress buster’ thing since then. Her videos are so factual, realistic and relatable that it feels like there is someone just like me with the same struggles as I have. Needless to say, it makes me feel good. But what completely made me a fan of this woman was a recent video that she posted on ‘starting her own merchandise business.’ No, the story behind it is not just ‘business’ deep. It has got something much more to it than business sense. Apparently, she has turned a ‘hate comment’ into a business inspiration!

It so happened that someone online had trolled her for breastfeeding her 6 months old son with nasty words while misspelling the word boobs for boib.

How do you think you would have reacted to a hate comment relating to your personal choices? Well, most of us would either spend days feeling bad about it (obviously) or some others might pick up a duel in the comment section; there would be yet others who would completely close themselves to the world because it seems so harsh.

This woman on the other hand decided that the ‘hate comment’ is kind of funny with all its misspelling and decided instead to launch a merchandise company selling onesies, hoodies, etc., and named it BOIB.

Can you beat that?

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Talking about wildflowers, I feel she is a constant wild flower in bloom  with the amount of resilience she has  ‘come rain, come shine!’ Needless to say, most of her products have been sold out and it’s gaining popularity all over with women who can relate to her story. There are others who are simply in love with her spirit and could not help but buy what she has to offer.

I understood through her video that people who are happy and seem to have it all are not like that by chance. It is rather by the CHOICES that they make every second. Yes every second. The choice to always choose the positive and turn around everything into positive (no matter how deep the hate) is not easy. It is a very difficult choice. It always feel great to wail in negativity, playing the victim and cry a little more for support. What requires courage is actually doing something about the situation and not resting until you get the results your heart desires. This takes enormous power, especially when your mind constantly has to fight your inner demons that dissuade you. It is not easy but as Laura Clery has showcased, it is not impossible either. It’s all about choosing consciously what is right for you and your well-being every second.

Hats off to this wild flower! May her tribe increase and inspire millions!


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