Book in Shining Armour

I love books.
Growing up, I was surrounded by books. Everyone in my family had a habit of reading and I being the youngest quickly picked up this habit.
I love the small of coffee, tea, petrol and books. If you ever see me in a book store, you will find me sniffing every book that I pick up to read.
I love spending time inside bookstores. If you gave me a choice to go clubbing or to sit in a bookstore that sits adjacent to a coffee shop, I would definitely choose the latter.
I am not an intellectual person. I am simply someone who likes to read, and this habit has helped me in so many ways. Being a woman more so. But most importantly books have kept me sane.
Whenever I feel low, happy, or lonely I pick up a book. There is a book for every feeling.
‘The monk who sold a Ferrari’,lifted me up when I was feeling a little low during my college years.
‘Gone with the wind’, showed me what an independent woman looks like.
And more recently the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ series kept my weekends vibrant.
I have observed that people can leave you feeling lonely, drained or even left out, but if you have a book with you no one can touch your sanity.
A book protects you. It speaks to you and keeps you company. It broadens your horizon. It is more than a good habit.
They do not say for nothing ‘that a well read woman is a dangerous woman.’
She is dangerous because she is intelligent. She is dangerous because she knows to be self sufficient. And she is dangerous because you will never find her lonely. Whenever a little loneliness does creep up, she can always be rescued from it by a valiant book. Your knight in shining armour isn’t a man after all, but its a book who can leave you enamoured with heightened emotions.


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