Why You Should Love Yourself First

Why you should love yourself first? Here is why!

Here is why you should love yourself first. A wake-up call for anyone in an abusive relationship. 

Are you in an abusive relationship? An abusive relationship can be anything that ranges from verbal abuse to mental and emotional torture. Indian society sadly does not identify anything less than physical abuse as serious. Mental, emotional abuse eats at your being like nothing else. You change. An independent girl with a brilliant future who falls prey to abuse often turns into someone with lost hopes and depleted confidence. This in fact, is more serious than physical abuse because it cannot be seen but only felt.

Gradually it grows to a level where a happy positive soul turns into a hard-hearted lost woman. Where once she could have bloomed into her grandeur, abuse saps all the positive energy and turns her into nothing more than a door mat. What then keeps women in abusive relationships? Unconditional Love? But is loving worth so much? What about loving yourself?

You are love and you deserve much more than negative emotions. You deserve love, happiness, respect and all the good things that life has to offer. Accepting the abuse sends out a sign to the universe that you are okay with it. Be careful of what you accept. Love yourself. You are beautiful, you are good, and you are valuable. Anyone who makes you feel otherwise is wrong. Before you try to fix an abusive relationship, fix yourself.

Love yourself

Go and do things that make you happy. Wear those torn jeans, ride that bike, sing out aloud. Simply Be. You do not need to change to accommodate anyone. What remains of you if you change yourself?

Respect yourself

The way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. Heard the saying –You are what you think you are you are? Be careful of how you think about yourself. You are a part of God. Respect your divinity. Do not accept anything that makes you feel inferior.

Take care of yourself

If you do not no one else will. The Cinderella story is only a myth.

Learn to say no

Pleasing people will never lead you anywhere. There will be more demands. If you think you will gain more love and attention by trying to please people then that’s a huge misconception. Pleasing people only eats away your happiness. Learn to say no to things you are not okay with.

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It does not take anything or anyone to make you whole. You alone are responsible for your happiness. Love yourself. You are the only person who will love you back the way you do.

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