Halftime: The JLo Documentary On Netflix Is About Hard Work

Jennifer Lopez's documentary, Halftime, on Netflix reveals the real hustle, hard work, and passion that lies behind her glamour and glitz.

Everyone has dreams.

A vision of what they want to be or achieve.


But how many of these dreamers really get to manifest their dreams?

Browsing through Netflix, the other day, I stopped to watch the documentary Halftime based on Jennifer Lopez. The documentary starts from her childhood, and climaxes at the Halftime show where she had performed for the Super Bowl held at Miami.

The Super Bowl is supposedly one of the largest performance platform for international artists. Given that she is a Latina from Puerto Rico, and gets to perform at the US’s largest show platform, mainly dominated the emotion of the documentary.

What made JLo stand out?

She, of course, spoke of many aspects of her journey. But what struck me most was how persistent, unbreakable and strong she had been as she pursued what she wanted.

When I saw her story, and reached to the part of the documentary where they showed her performance at the Super Bowl, I was so inspired by her indomitable spirit that I got goosebumps just watching her perform.

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The fact that the performance went exactly like she had planned it, to the minutest detail, left me in awe.

I have always understood that it takes hard work, or more precisely sincere work, to manifest whatever you wish. But watching Jennifer Lopez that day, putting in every inch of herself into manifesting what she desires, or where she desires to be, made me realize what hard work really looked like.

I am not persistent. I have the habit of being enthusiastic about something for a while, and if it gets hard or if I fail, I give up, saying it’s not for me. But that day I realized – how much you want something is proportionate to how fast you would achieve it.

By wanting something, I do not mean simply wishing for it, but keeping on working for it no matter what.

It’s not easy, but if you want something, it’s worth it.

I have always thought that I understood what working hard meant. But I was so wrong. Looking at her, I realized what passion really is. It’s not just a desire. But it’s a desire that moves you, that consumes you till you become an embodiment of the passion itself.

The way she juggles her family responsibilities along with being a global icon is just mind-boggling. Of course, she’s got support, but she’s got that support because she chose to have it all.

You can actually have it all. You need to choose it and once when you do it, you need to persistently work to hold it all together. It looks seamless on the outside, but having it all and keeping it together is a huge responsibility.

Breathing fire into the spark of a passion, and fanning it every time it dims, is not easy. It is even harder when there’s a lack of encouragement, or lack of support.

But here’s the catch

Following your dreams when no one believes in you is a boss move.

Working at your passion in the face of criticism, and never batting an eyelid at the negativity but focusing on your dream is amazing.

A dream might be anything. You might want to shush the negative thoughts in your mind that seem to steer your mind.

Are you willing to be vigilant about what you are thinking and eliminating these thoughts every time they come till they no longer bother you?

Or do you fall back on the old pattern because it’s easier than keeping a watch all the time?

You might want to achieve anything. The question is—are you willing to work for it?

And if you fail once or more, will you choose to still follow what your heart says, or you would choose to give up and try no more? Comfort or manifesting, what would you choose?

This is what makes all the difference.

Own your dreams.

Be so full of the energy of what you want that whatever you want to have, be, or do cannot help but surrender to the magnificence of your desire.

Image source: Screengrab of Halftime from Netflix India

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