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If You Love Your Daughters, Prioritise Their Dreams And Careers, Not Marriage!

I was a very bright student with dreams in my eyes. I was getting all the top colleges but unfortunately, my parents trusted society more than me, and refused to send me out for studies.

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Why Must Girls Give Up Their Dreams, Their Passion After Marriage?

Every day, women are being coerced into giving up their dreams, their passion, when they get married. Simply because - how can a married woman do this?

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Where Are The Women In Docu-Series Alma Matters Inside The IIT Dream?
Alma Matters

Hard working male students speak of their time at IIT Kharagpur and their dreams in Alma Matters, but where are the women? 

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A Woman Who Dreams… Is Always The One Who Brings In The Winds Of Change

Patriarchy has limited women's dreams to maintaining peace in their surroundings, glorifying them as epitome of sacrifice. But what happens when a woman transgresses, lives for herself?

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When You’re Trying To Be Free In A Society That Wants To Keep You Locked

Dreams come in all forms. It’s high time that society stop judging us for what we want, and what we do. We need to break free!

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Even A Princess Has Boundaries; Otherwise Which Prince Is Going To Marry Her?

A career, yes. But one which fits into the demands of family life; like say a teacher, so you could do the same times as your children, and have the same holidays.

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