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Why Do Romance Novels Get Such A Bad Rap?

Romance novels are not the problem; badly written women characters are. And commerialisation of the genre is the other problem.

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In 2024 Be Unstoppable In Making Your Dreams A Reality, And Inspire Us With Your Story!

You could have some plans to turn your dreams into reality this year... Tell us all about it. Here's what you need to do.

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Don’t Miss Netflix Film Dhak Dhak About An All-Women Biking Trip… And The Dreams Of Women!
Dhak Dhak

Film Dhak Dhak gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to see these women ride a bike through the stunning landscapes of Leh and go on a life-altering road trip.

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The World Is Unfair To Women Everyday! Do We Have The Power To Change Things?

Women adjust around people, rules, peer pressure, cutting off any remnant of dreams that might fill their soul because the world has been like that always.

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5 Signs You’re Suffering From The ‘Good Girl Syndrome’, And 10 Ways To Break Free
Good Girl Syndrome

The Good Girl Syndrome keeps women from owning their life narratives, and mostly out of workplaces or reaching for the glass ceiling.

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Maleesha Kharwa, The 14y.o. Model From Mumbai Slums Is Now Face Of Forest Essentials

Maleesha who calls herself ‘Princess of Slum’ through her social media captions has now landed herself a space on the cover of Forest Essentials' new campaign.

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